Meeting Minutes #1

For our first meeting we started with a Sit-Down/Stand-Up Welcome Exercise where people were able to share their concerns and motivations to get involved.

Then we had Doris Powell from Indivisible OC 48 give a brief talk about their recent actions which include weekly trips to Rohrbacher’s Main St. Offices every Tues. Click here for their website. We also passed out packets of the Indivisible Guide.

Next we broke into 5 groups according to issues people were most passionate about working on. The groups were:

  1. Local Elections: Making our reps accountable
  2. The Affordable Care Act
  3. Women’s Rights & Reproductive Rights
  4. #NoBanNoWall (Immigration, Refugees & Boarders)
  5. The Environment

Each group did a Vision Board Exercise as an ice breaker and then talked about timelines & the next steps toward formation. Here are some notes from each group:

  1. Local Elections (here are their ideas for local action)
  • Register voters at Golden West College
  • Expand voter registration
  • Reach out to “non-voters”
  • Mobilize voter turnout
  • Find a viable, qualified candidate to run
  • Encourage early voting
  • Funding drive for the democratic candidate
  • Walk precincts and hand out literature, yard signs
  • Daily communication through social media
  • Social media used organize flash demonstrations
  • Use Social Media effectively to defeat the GOP candidate
  • Weekly communication with representatives via email and twitter
  • Work together with other local districts to swing difficult districts
  • Force representatives to town halls, make open public appearances and talk to /answer all constituents
  • Work together with area groups to give fewer actions and more punch! (big Marches!)
  • Showing up physically at reps offices, meetings, town halls and marches
  • Standing up and supporting representatives who are taking care of all Americans needs
  • Praising representatives who make and made the right choices for women’s rights
  • Identify Issues, educate the public
  • Position new candidate as having demonstrated/offered solutions
  • Media Coverage – highlight strong opposition
  • Sway endorsements neighborhood by neighborhood to get our election outcome!
  • Engage people to become active and participate
  • Make phone calls to congress
  • Canvass neighborhoods to explain the issues
  • Use canned video evidence on our cell phones/ipads to show others what their President and reps said
  • Learn and teach liberals the key words /approach to use with conservatives
  • Support organizations who have formed for months to ensure we win the Congress back in 2018 (e.g. brand new Congress for both parties)
  • Volunteer and support groups who want to specifically change their district representative
  • Volunteer to create easy way to coordinate and bring OC or LA groups together for larger purposes.
  • Call all Senators
  • Write Facebook/Twitter posts
  • Business boycotts

2) The Affordable Care Act (they sketched out actions by month)


  • Create a sub-huddle to work solely on saving the ACA and Medicare
  • *Create letter templates so those who want to write letters about ACA have a guide
  • *Keep calling Congressional Representatives and Senators
  • List Representatives that voted against ACA
  • Create memos explaining the ACA
  • Don’t be quiet – Let people know what you think
  • Phone banking to organize townhall to support ACA
  • Find true articles on evolution of the ACA
  • *Send postcards to Congressional Representatives
  • Gain high level understanding of function of ACA funding and impact


  • Visit senior centers to talk about safeguarding Medicare and ACA.
  • Take letter templates. 
  • Submit editorials to local newspapers on benefits/importance of ACAHost informational meetings/open forums to discuss health care options
  • Educate the public about important aspects of the ACA and ways to make positive changes
  • We need ideas on how to make Obamacare affordable  (Need economist and smart people)
  • Continue to blanket Congressional Representatives and Senators with postcards and calls
  • Have next group huddle
  • Educate, educate, educate the young
  • Hold town hall meetings to discuss ACA
  • Put on the pressure by calling writing and mobilizing others
  • Obtain and review voting records of Congressional Representatives and Senators to understand their positions
  • Swamp Congressional Representatives and Senators with letters
  • Create a YouTube video dispelling myths about ACA
  • Organize Marches


  • Educate via social media
  • Keep visiting Rohrabacher’s office
  • Schedule a speaker who is well versed on ACA to address the oppositions to ACA so that we can publish the truths to the public
  • Educate the ignorant, talk to neighbors
  • Join marches if ACA is in imminent peril
  • Continue writing Congressional Representatives and Senators
  • March for Obamacare

3) Women’s Rights & Reproductive Rights (no group report turned in! If you have one to add send it to cyn)

4) #NoBanNoWall (Immigration, Refugees & Boarders)

  • We want to engage the immigrant community and work with community partners (we need to get in touch with groups, if anyone has information about groups to work with, please let us know)
  • Work with Oakview Library literacy – start volunteering (We’re going to talk to them to get more information for us)
  • We want to hand out information of phone numbers for people to call/know their rights (if anyone has numbers, information, we can put thsi together)
  • Sign up here to be a citizen co-sponsor on Kamala Harris’ Access to Legal Counsel Bill: page/s/access-to-legal- counsel-act
  • We’d like to organize an OC March
  • We’d like to find/help with fundraising for those needing legal counsel and paths to citizenship
  • We created an email account to send out information if anyone else would like to stay up to date on what we’re doing.

5) The Environment

Upcoming Events and ideas

March:  8th – women’s walk out

April: 15th – Tax Walk out (demand T disclose tax info)

22nd – March for Science Official website:

Link to local Santa Ana march:

Other ideas: there are some environmental issues in HB that are ongoing – Something involving the Banning oil field, and the Desalination site (Merle Moshire was mentioned as a possible person to contact)

We talked about perhaps working with an after school program (maybe boys and girls club?), or volunteering or starting some kind of environmental education for younger children/ students.

Also discussed possibly assisting with school gardens.

Discussed with one group member the possibility of sponsoring some little free libraries near schools. Doing a book drive, etc.

Grad student at UCI volunteered to perhaps do some talks for kids.

Engineering student mentioned she would be interested in helping tutor students

Someone in the group knits pussy hats and would be interested in a knitting/crocheting group to continue making them together.

Also spoke after the meeting with Karen Coyne, who runs the CIA club (compassion in action)


Find out about local march for science. If it already exists, get in contact with the leadership and volunteer to help, perhaps run a kids table, etc.

Start FB group to share environmental info / updates

Send out list of companies and banks to divest from.

So: here is that list. As best I can find it:

Defund the Pipeline – banks to divest from and new banks to support :

Boycott Trump :

(Nordstrom is an update from this list. Support Nordstrom!)

Here’s another list:

Here’s an app that tells you what not to buy if you don’t want to put money in T’s pocket:

(disclaimer: I have not used this app, though if it’s effective could be better than combing through numerous online lists)

Companies that support T, whether or not they sell his products:

(Yuengling Brewery & Coors, ) are on this list


After group reports we filled out postcards and decided on our next meeting which is going to be on Sat. March 11th at the library once again. Donations were given to cover the cost of renting the room.






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