Stir & Steer Minutes 2/20/17

Attendees: Cathy, Gerry, Carol, Sharon, Bethany., Sandy, Hannah, Karen, Joshua & Cynthia (10 total)

7:05-7:36  Introductions:

Group went around the room and introduced themselves, talked briefly about their experience organizing and concerns.

7:36-8:15 Purpose of the HB Huddle:

We discussed the larger goals as the entire Huddle group. According to our survey results everyone is interested in all the issues–so even if you are in the environment group you want to know what is going with all the others and to contribute to all–. Our Huddle will be a way for people to work closely on one issue while contributing to and supporting other subgroups along the way.

We talked about the subgroups working as the space where actions originate and then they will filter up to the larger organization through an organized communications strategy.

The role of the steering committee will be to create best practices and guidelines to make sure these groups can thrive and run effectively. We’ll do this by structuring the breakout sessions during our big meetings and providing questions and prompts to move the groups toward concrete objectives.

We also discussed larger “Huddle–wide’ goals for the entire group:

1-We want to be 100 of the most active and well-informed citizens of our local community

2-We want to vote our entire ballots in the midterm and know who and what we are voting for (no more guessing when it comes to judges and school board)

3-We want to have 6 HB Huddle meetings of 60 people or more in a six month period

The group read the place-holder “Mission Statement” written by Nikki and Cynthia, that is on the website and said it was fine for now.

8:15-8:30 Organizational Structure: How is this Huddle group going to work most effectively?

We discussed ideas for how to guide the subgroups at the next meeting. We’d like to encourage the subgroups to:

  • Designate 2-3 group leaders who will help coordinate communications between meetings. That way if one person gets busy or drops out the group is not lost.
  • Designate a recorder who will type up a brief report on the groups discussions/plans
  • One of the three leaders will need to able to attend the monthly steering committee meetings and give updates and get additional backing and support to make their objectives happen
  • Other questions the subgroups should be able to answer by the end of meeting #2: What’s your purpose? How will you communicate? How often? What is something your group can accomplish in the next week? The next month? What is something you’d like to tackle in the next 6 months?
  • When the subgroups report to the entire group at the end of the meeting, we’d like them structure their reports in the form of answering these questions.

8:30-9:00 Communications: How are we going to coordinate both internally & externally?

We talked about the need to have our main communications take place off Facebook as many in our group are not on Facebook and others feel easily overwhelmed by it. If subgroups decide to use Facebook to communicate then that’s their decision. Instead our Facebook page will be where the “bonus material” and additional things are posted but our main communications will be the weekly email (all website updates can also be shared on Facebook).

All Huddle info like meeting minutes, calendars, links to past emails will go onto the website. Subgroups can also send things to be posted to website. Steering committee communications team of Cynthia, Hannah and Carol will meet this Weds to work on this piece.

HB Huddle will send out a standard weekly email with upcoming actions/events on Friday. Deadline for subgroups to add items to the weekly email will be Wednesday night.

We also want to be sure to have a group of liaisons who are checking in with other Huddles and other local groups so we are not reinventing the wheel.

9:00-9:15 Next Meeting: What are the keys toward making our March 11th meeting a success?

 The group discussed the need to have a bank account and treasurers to handle money. For now the main money issue is raising funds to cover the cost of our big meetings. Cynthia is going to pay for the March meeting and do an Action Network fundraiser to be reimbursed but for our April meeting we will open a bank account.

The committee nominated Bethany and Gerry to be voted in as treasurers. Cathy made a motion to take a vote and the committee voted all in favor with no abstentions. Bethany Webb and Gerry De Vore will serve as treasurers for the HB Huddle and go to the bank to open an account as soon as we have funds. Bethany will use here home address for the account. All financials will also be posted on the website for complete transparency. We will operate under the name HB Huddle.

Karen is currently working on finding a cheaper location for our future meetings starting in April. Bethany recommended looking at the City Gym. The group also discussed meeting outside during the summer but had some concerns about needing a PA system because people had trouble hearing at the first meeting. The group also talked about having big meetings every other month down the line but decided on monthly meetings while we are getting started.

9:30-9:38 Next Steering Meeting

Our next Steering Committee Meeting will be held at Cathy’s house again. Cynthia will send out a Doodle poll to determine the best day and time. This meeting’s day/time will have to be set in place before our March 11 meeting so  subgroup leaders can be sure to attend. Our next steering committee meeting will also have a set end time!




















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