Meeting Minutes #2

For our second meeting on Saturday March 11, 2017 we met in the library theater. We had about 100 people in attendance.  The meeting started with Cynthia presenting the results of our volunteer survey and some of the organizational structure and communications strategies agreed upon at the last Stir & Steer meeting. Here is a link to the presentation: 

Next up Oscar and Miguel, two local organizers from Oak View ComUNIDAD discussed how their community came together to fight Rainbow Disposal (here’s an OC Weekly article that tells their story). As a community they have been organizing locally ever since, some of their recent efforts include holding a townhall with HB Police, helping to organize a local march and maintaining a regular presence at HB City Council and planning commission meetings.

Here are links to get in touch with Oak View ComUNIDAD:


Next we broke into five subgroups by issue. Each group was encouraged to establish taglines, group norms and three leadership roles. Here are the reports provided by each breakout group:

1) Local Elections:

Tagline: TBD

Facilitators: Brendon P. and Sandy P.

Recorder: Sarah M.

Communicator: Cate H.

They established the following Purpose/Vision Statements:

-Inform, organize and mobilize Huddle members and the community to support candidates, initiatives and ideals

-Educate the public about the voting records of elected officials and the positions of candidates in meeting ideals

-Integrate with groups that support our purpose in order to maximize impact, influence and action toward achieving goals.

The group proposed several group names but couldn’t decide on one. They will vote on a name and go through the Norm Storm exercise at their next meeting. They established three subgroups to focus on actions in different areas and established a focus for each month:

Subgroup 1: Voter Registration & Engagment
April: Complete voter registration education
May: Coordinate with other groups

Subgroup 2: Outreach to democratic and progressive groups
April: Connect w/ HB Umbrella groups
May: Attend meetings of other groups

Subgroup 3: Community Education & promoting ideals
April: Research local rep
May: Meet with local rep in groups of 3-4 people

2) Health Care Group

Tagline: Healthcare is a human right

Facilitator: Tonya H. (back-ups Christian M. & Isa D.)

Recorder: Janetta S. (back-up Joan P.)

Communicator: Ibi C. (back-up Karen F.)

Introductions around the group

Each member stated their name, number of meetings attended, and reason for attending

Discussion of roles available within the group (the roles listed above were discussed and decided). Janetta & Christian were scheduled to represent the group at the next Stir & Steer meeting. Pass around of new email list for the group in attendance.

Discussion of Norm Storm (review & revise)

This section requires updates – original list will be included shortly. This list only notes items that the group determined required modifications.

  1. Leave as is
  2. Respectful cell phone use
  3. Consensus decision making will be used
  4. Majority decision making will be used
  5. Listen
  6. Leave as is
  7. Leave as is
  8. Leave as is
  9. Leave as is
  10. Leave as is
  11. Leave as is
  12. Leave as is
  13. Leave as is
  14. Leave as is
  15. Remove “okay to meddle”
    1. Flexible with ambiguity
    2. Comfortable with ambiguity
      1. Ambiguity is a good word because the administration moves so quickly and it can be difficult to keep up with changes, and ambiguity is a natural response
    3. Leave as is
    4. Leave as is
    5. Leave as is
    6. Leave as is
    7. Leave as is
    8. Leave as is
    9. Leave as is
    10. Remove this item
    11. Leave as is
    12. Leave as is
    13. Leave as is
    14. Leave as is
      1. Communicate with other people

Discussion of norm storm following list review

Q: Will the norm storm be included on the HB Huddle website?

A: That is unclear at this time

This can be presented at the Stir & Steer committee meeting on Tuesday, March 14th.

Q: Will there be subpages for each huddle group on the HB Huddle website?

A: We believe so, but that will be answered at stir & steer meeting

Isa volunteered to remodel the norm structure for our next meeting

Entire group agreed that the list should be condensed

Emily suggests that the norms are an outline of basic respect guidelines, and the list can be condensed as such

Christian offered to make the norm list a signed agreement

C: All of the subgroups should have the same set of norms

Communication discussion

Are you able to jump from group to group?

Yes; Be respectful of the expectations that you may have in one group if you plan to switch between them

How we will get in contact with one another?

Email is the easiest form of communication for the time being

Do we know how many members of our subgroup are not active on Facebook or on the website?

Who would use Facebook for the ACA group? 13 people

Who would be interested in using the website? 14 people

Would anyone like help in creating a Facebook page? Minimal response. No one asked for help.

Is anyone interested in having access to a generic Facebook page? No

Suggestion to have the website have a page for each sub-committee which includes links to all meeting minutes, resources, and sub-committee calendar

Discussion of group tagline

Current: “Repeal the Repealers” Opened the tagline to suggestions from group

  • Mercy not Malice
  • Healthcare is a Human Right
  • Healthcare for All
  • Affordable Healthcare for America
  • Affordable Healthcare for All
  • Medicare for All
  • Affordable & Quality Healthcare for All
  • Congressional Healthcare for All
  • Refine not Repeal
    • Greta brings up a new point that the current Obamacare plan may stay in place due to disagreement amongst the parties
  • Would like to see a tagline that suggests that the universality of our group work
  • Would like to include the word access
  • Would like to include affordability

Survey has been sent out through Survey Monkey and will end Monday at 11:45 pm (the group voted for the tagline listed on the top).

General discussion

Q: Is this group focused on a political solution (remove representatives), or is the group focused on advocacy?

A: The group came to a consensus that the group will focus its energy on the determined most emergent need, and the required actions for such

Mention of SB562: universal healthcare; local healthcare measure for California


Discussion of where to focus the group’s energy first: Fight on national level? Fight on local level?

Group decides to focus both on local and national level of healthcare with the same level of priority

The topic was closed due to time constraints, but there still seems to be some disagreement amongst the group as to how to prioritize

Timeline goal review

Review of February goals from last meeting


  • Letter writing campaign
    • American Medical Association, Attorneys – getting allies
    • Constituents and large organizations can impact representative votes
    • Create letter template for Medicare
  • Compose a list of representatives who voted against the ACA
  • Phone Calls/ Postcards
    • Keep calling representatives and senators
    • Phone banking
  • Disseminate list of name of GOP representatives
  • Meet as a small group huddle to work together to save ACA/Healthcare
  • Don’t get quiet – Let people know what you think
  • Communications Strategy
    • Have an ACA expert explain the policy
    • Releasing factual information on social media regarding healthcare
    • Powerful imagery – Infographics
  • Communicating with major insurance companies
  • Self-education on ACA

New Goal Suggestions/Discussions

  • Would like to be more educated about SB562
  • Medicare for all group has information about the SB562 action
    • Could we have someone come talk to us and elaborate on the initiative
    • Who are the senators that support it – Lara and Adkins
  • Suggestion to call Dana Rohrabacher’s office everyday
    • 202-225-2415
    • 714-960-6483
  • Don’t defund planned parenthood
  • Letters to the editor, rather than to the newspaper’s office
    • Open letters

Updated Timeline


  • Phone Call/Postcards
    • Continue communication
  • Group Huddle Meeting
  • Submit editorial to local newspapers on importance of ACA
  • Host meetings/open forums to discuss ACA
  • Educate public on important aspects of ACA and how to create positive changes
  • Begin social media campaign
    • YouTube
    • Twitter
    • Facebook
  • Meet with economy expert regarding ACA
  • Get information about SB-562


  • Schedule an event with ACA expert
  • Continue ACA education campaign on social media
  • Phone Calls/Postcards
  • March (Join the March for Science)

3) #NoBanNoWall

Tagline: United, fight together

Facilitator: Lexi

Recorder/Communicator: Aubrey R. (with help from Misty, Shayna, Tammy and Dan)

Stir & Steer Reps:  Aubrey, Tammy and Dan

Norms – We discussed norms of the group. Some examples:

  • Make decisions through majority
  • Stay respectful
  • No triangulation
  • Free to express ourselves and free to say “I don’t know.”

Claire will reprint posters for our next whole-group huddle meeting. Aubrey reviewed previous two meetings and our discussion since there was a large group. Will resend notes from last meeting and list of partnerships.

Oscar and Miguel discussed Oak View Communidad work and what we can do:

  • During deportation scares act as rapid response team

If anything happens, have knowledge of who to go to, who to call, ICE office number, making phone calls

Oscar will send information so we can educate ourselves and others

  • Santa Ana Jail is basically holding cell for detainees

They do jail visits and provide information on legal representations/help finding lawyers

  • Continue to push pressure on City Council about these issues

Two weeks ago ICE meet with HBPD and agreed won’t meddle unless felony or serious drug charges. Because work with HBPD, crime has decreased because there is no fear to report to PD

Action Item for April/May

  • Attend city council meetings to have presence there
  • Agendas are posted 72 hours before meeting. If there is an issue we are concerned about, we’ll send out an email to group to come up with message to have a meeting.
  • Still important to have presence even if not discussed at meeting
  • Talk to Stir&Steer about having t-shirts or hats made to indicate our presences without talking.
  • Next city council meeting: Tuesday, March 14

Discussion of importance of letting larger group know about what we’re doing and vice versa.

Discussion about importance of being educated and know what to say when having the contentious discussions.

Second action item for April/May

  • Create infographic(s) with information about immigration so we can be armed with facts
  • Everyone should research at least two things about immigration to include and we will discuss at next meeting.

Oscar also mentioned organization called “Border Angels” which goes out to the desert and drops off water bottles. (Something for us to look into and do a visit to do)

We purchased 500 Know Your Rights Cards ($43). We have about 150 left!

Events to look out for:

  • May 1 Immigration March in Downtown Santa Ana
  • March 22 7pm-9pm Living Ubuntu is hosting Introduction to Tension and Trauma Releasing Exercises, which helps those who suffer trauma (possible way to help refugees, victims of raids, etc.) (Shawnacy from Environment group shared)
  • Event info:
  • March 25 – Rally at the Border – Cheryl discussed this at last week’s meeting. It’s in two weeks. We had discussed doing our next meeting then, but if there is a greater interested to drive down there and attend this, let me know:
  • Event info:

Next meeting: March 25, 2017. Place and time TBD. If anyone has ideas about where to meet, please let Aubrey know.

4) Environment

Tagline: TBD

Facilitator: Shawnacy P. (with help from Hoang and Karen)

Recorder: Mischa

Communicator: Karen will attend Stir & Steer and Shawnacy will maintain email list

We’ll have a table at the earth day back bay event. Here’s a pic with event specifics:
We’re doing a coloring project (possibly coloring postcards) and some bracelets for kids to make.
As far as the climate March, we have people making calls to ask for food and raffle item. Donations, people handing out and posting flyers, and were going on Friday night to help with food prep. The March itself is from 2-4 on Saturday, April 29. See image below for details:

5) Women’s Rights (WRMF)

Tagline: Women’s Rights Moving Forward

Facilitator: Sharman H.

Recorder: Hayley B.

Communicator: Suzy H.

Action items




Make calls to congress. All members Next meeting (TBA) In progress
Bring talking points to discuss. All members Next meeting (TBA) In progress
Sign up on Planned Parenthood Website. All members Next meeting (TBA) In progress
Donate to local OC Planned Parenthood. All members Next meeting (TBA) In progress
Keep educated on Woman’s Rights (refer to list of websites). All members Next meeting (TBA) In progress
Watch “She’s Beautiful When She Is Angry” on Netflix. All members Next meeting (TBA) In progress
Give yourself a pat on the back! All members Next meeting (TBA) In progress


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