May 20th Meeting Minutes

We had a 63 people in attendance for our third HB Huddle meeting.

Current Huddle members signed-in via our Mail Chimp database and new attendees checked-in by signing up for our weekly newsletter.

We had two guest speakers before sharing Action Team Reports and breaking into small groups for Action Planning Sessions. We collected $515 in donations. We also collected $250 in gift cards to donate to Robyne’s Nest.

Meeting Minutes: 

10:10  Claire opened the meeting,

She welcomed newcomers and went over the agenda handout. Then she introduced Debbie Cook of The Post Carbon Institute.

Cook discussed her experience on HB City Council and why she ran against Dana Rohrabacher. She said that in order for a candidate to have a viable congressional campaign they need three things:passport11834

1) Ability to raise at least $1 million

2) A huge amount of volunteers since there’s such a large number of precincts

3) To be a good candidate (curious and charismatic) & know why your running


“We’re the government.”

                          -Debbie Cook on the need to be vocal at the local level

She reminded everyone in the room that, “we’re the government” and it’s our job to make our reps accountable. She talked about one experience polling voters which yielded surprising results: most people thought Dana was a women. She said that as a candidate you can’t avoid the difficult issues and that immigration is one of the most challenging issues to talk about in Huntington Beach.


When it comes to seeing a Democrat take the 48th seat in 2018, Cook was not optimistic. She encouraged people to work on local elections more, especially at the City Council level. “Get in there for 8 years and then get out,” she said. Then go share that knowledge by getting involved somewhere else.

She said one of most important thing citizens can do is to start attending meetings like City Council and Water District Meetings.


10:38 Claire introduced Kathleen Treseder

Click here to view Climate Change Cheat Sheet

UCI Professor Kathleen Treseder handed out Climate Change cheat sheets. She pointed out the 97% of Climate experts agree that climate change is happening now and that humans make an impact. She said that it’s very unusually for this many scientists to agree on anything and there have been numerous independent data sets from all across the world taken into account.

She said the best way to slow climate change is to reduce green house gas emissions.

“If we have enough power to change the climate, then we have enough power to fix it, and it’s not too late.”

                -Kathleen Treseder on local actions for Climate Change

The US has reduced emissions since 2008 and the goals according to the Paris Agreement is to reduce emission by 27% by 2025.

Then she discussed how the national level is not the only option, we can also regulate emissions at the state, city and household level. California for example has their own pledge that is much more ambitious and cities like San Diego and Los Angeles have signed on to parallel agreements where they commit to limiting emissions at the local level, so far 130 cities have sign-on.

She encouraged the group to interact with City Council to encourage council members to join this sort of agreement. Speaking during public comments at council meetings is a great place to start.


Next she shared a map showing sea-level rise and how HB and Seal Beach would be affected. This is non-partisan issue as it effects all residents. Original predictions showed a rise of 3-6 feet but the state has revised the prediction to 3-10 feet. All the low-land areas shaded blue would be lost, an area that comprises 30% of our beaches. These are all important details to bring to our local elected officials.

So far our current congressional rep denies that Climate Change is happening. Only 0.7% of his votes in congress are pro-environment but among constituents 72% of residents agree that global warming is happening.

She and 15 other UCI profressors went to deliver the letter Rohrabacher to make him acknowledge Climate Change. They received a letter in response that said he wanted a debate about climate change. The professors wouldn’t agree to a debate but they said they’d be happy host a forum about climate change.

Climate Change Cheat Sheet  Climate_change_CA48_v4_full


10:54  Action Team Reports began

Environmental Action Team – Karen Coyne

Karen shared a power point with a little bit of background about the start of the Huddle. She explained that Shawnacy had facilitated the environmental team the first couple months but now she is moving to Iowa, so Karen is looking for support to help her with leading the team.

She showed photos of some of their activites and said that so far they had helped other organizations with their events, like having a booth at Earth Day at the Bay, and th Climate March. During the breakout session they would discuss next steps.

11:03 Health Care Action Team – Christian Machpassport11841

Christian explained how Healthcare is happening on two different fronts. On the national level we are playing defense on Obamacare/The Affordable Care Act. Congress is trying to pass the American Health Care Act/Trump Care and most experts are saying that it won’t pass the senate. On that front it’s important to show democratic senators support to let them know we have their backs.

On the other front SB-562 is leading the way with the Healthy California Act. Two senators from Long Beach and San Diego introduced the bill. Local activists have been canvasing door-to-door in Fullerton, Josh Newman’s district to get the word out as he is undecided. The act is based on the belief that comprehensive healthcare is a human right and would include Dental, Vision, Mental Health, in a Medicare for all model.

He said that private insurance companies will continue to pull out and undermine Obamacare. The bill SB-562 is in the appropriations committee and we need to call our state legislatures to let them know there is a ground swell of support for this.

11:14 #NoBanNoWall Action Team – Shayna Lathis

Aubrey had been facilitating the #NoBanNoWall Team, but Shayna said that she would be leading the group for summer, while she’s not teaching. One of their first goals as a group was to be more informed and each month they are trying to create an info graphic. The first one focused on DACA, and is already on the Huddle website.

The group has also created the Know Your Rights Cards in English & Spanish. They made 500 and handed them out. They also hosted their first film night watched a documentary called “Documented.” They are going to continue to host movie nights like this, which will be announced in the weekly newsletter. “Beatrice At dinner,” with Salma Hayak and Jon Lithgow.passport11844

She said that a few people in the Huddle attended the OVSD meeting and they set a goal to attend more city council meetings. A couple team members are looking to volunteer with the Oakview literacy center. They are also working on a list of local and national organizations and they have a Facebook group which are both on their webpage.

Next info-graphic is going to be focused on various slogans and logos of Alt right…

A member of the Oakview PTA was in the audience and she briefly discussed the recent school board meetings and how there were four times as many supporters in attendance than alt-right activists.

11:19 Women’s Rights Action Team – Sherman 

Sherman said that the group is still getting organized and they were looking into the best way to help support Planned Parenthood on a local level. Cate recommend that the group could volunteer at a Long Beach Pride event coming up were you could march with Planned Parenthood.

11:25 Local Elections Action Team – Cathy & Brendon passport11849

Since they started meeting outside of the Huddle the group has decided to focus on three different areas:

  1. Inform, organize and mobilize the community
  2. Educate, the public about the voting records
  3. Integrate, there are a lot of groups and we don’t want to duplicate, so we decided to focus on Local Elections how can we change City Council,

Local Elections Tagline:

“Advocates for informed voting”

-Local Elections Action Team Slogan


Cathy discussed recent actions of their inform voters subgroup. Some team members have already attended voter registration training and we’d like to have as many Huddle members as possible get trained in order to mobilize voters and help get out the vote. She pointed out that the 40 million people who stayed home are part of the reason why we are in the mess we are in now.

Brendon discussed the education subgroup. He’s said that while lots of other grassroots groups are focused on Dana they are turning their attention to City Council. The group has already conducted extensive research, which is up on our website.  He said if your not into protesting then you can join this research group and contribute from the privacy of your own home. He said that state-wide there are 180 people up for election on 2018.

Cate Hardesty has also set up Code Blue Orange County, which is going be a research set up a database for Google Docs.

Cathy then discussed our plans to become part of the local community by donating to a different local group every quarter starting with Robyne’s Nest. 

The group is also going to facilitate an effort for the HB Huddle to have a constant presence at the HB City Council meetings. We want a rotating group of 5-7 people to consistently attend. We will have sign-up sheets for this at our June meeting.

“We’re from the HB Huddle and we’re watching you”

-Cathy Ryder has a plan for City Council Meetings 🙂

She announced that for our June meeting we will have congressional candidates Laura Oatman & Boyd Roberts. For our July meeting we will have congressional candidates Harley Rouda & Tony Zarkades. We want have all these speakers address the same questions and develop a report card survey for audience members to fill out.

11:35 Financial Report – Bethany Webb

We had a beginning balance of $396 before collecting $515 dollars at Saturdays meeting. At Tuesdays steering meeting the group voted to disperse $175 to Cynthia to reimburse the room rental, $134 to Bethany to reimburse the cost of the business license (we are operating as a business while we work towards non-profit status) and $163 to order more HB Huddle wristbands. This leaves a remaining balance of $439. The steering group also voted to use $350 to cover the cost of the room for June & July meetings. Leaving a remaining balance of $89.

11:40 – 12:40 Action Teams met in break-out groups for planning sessions

The groups also developed questions for Congressional candidates to answer at our next meeting.


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