NEWS FLASH: OC Board of Supervisors election is set for March 9th with mail in voting starting February 8. Your mail in ballots will be coming soon. Our candidate is, of course, Katrina Foley. Check her website for information on volunteering and donating. https://www.katrinafoley.com/ HB Huddle is providing an opportunity to write postcards for Katrina. Go to https://tinyurl.com/Flip2BluePostcards to sign up to get postcards

Below are results of the election for the HB area


The results are disappointing but not tragic. The 48th was created to favor Republicans. It was quite an accomplishment to gain the seat in 2018 and dismiss a do nothing Representative that had been contributing next to zero. Harley Rouda served us admirably from 2018 till now. He will be back, with our help. See his statement by clicking this link:https://harleyforcongress.com/media-center/results/


Dave Min wins seat on the California State Senate! Please see his statement by clicking the link: https://davemin.com/news/victory-announcement/

Regrettably it seems that Deidre Nguyen and Sergio Contreras might not be able to serve.

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