Get To Know Your Candidates on YouTube

HB Huddle now has a YouTube video channel.  We’ve started to post videos of the candidate forums  that were sponsored this fall.  If you want to check out the candidates that valiantly want to take on Dana go to YouTube and type HB Huddle and you will get to the videos.  Enjoy! HB Huddle on YouTube

Recap: Get To Know Your Candidates IV

We hosted our fourth Q&A with 48th district congressional candidates on Oct. 21, 2017 at Carden Conservatory. This time we’ve uploaded all the videos on to Youtube in case you missed it. Check it out:

Brandon Reiser Opening Statements

Michael Kotick Opening Statements

Kevin Kensinger Opening Statements

We had our fourth Q&A event with 48th District congressional candidates on Saturday October 21, 2017. Roughly, 70 people showed up to hear Michael Kotik (Democrat), Brandon Resier (Libertarian), and Kevin Kensinger (Independent) answer questions at Carden Conservatory Elementary from 10:00 a.m. – 12:00 p.m. For all videos from the Candidate Forum, check out our new YouTube channel.

Doors opened at 9:30 a.m. and participants had the chance to enjoy our “Fair-Style” set up, where our five action teams set up booths to display information, advertise upcoming opportunities and answer questions about local issues.


Our five action teams then provided updates.

Environment Team Updates (Karen Coyne):

Karen shared we have received our first check from OhmConnect sign-ups for $261. She advertised the need for more people to sign up for OhmConnect and SkyDrop. For more information on both of these opportunities to not only help the HB Huddle earn some money, but to also help the environment, see this handout.

Karen also shared the environment team hosted a successful Bolsa Chica Tour fundraiser and thanked those attended the State Lands Commission meeting the day prior to oppose Poseidon.

Additional Environment Team updates and events are list on their webpage:

Healthcare Update (Gayle Poynter):

Gayle shared they Healthcare Team held their first meeting. the benefits of single-payer healthcare and advocated that “Healthcare is a Human Right”. She advocated for California’s statewide bill SB-562, which make California’s healthcare system single-payer. She shared that the Healthcare Team joined with other activist groups and unions hosting the “Medicare-for-All Weekend of Action” event in all 80 CA districts across the state last weekend gathering names in support of a Petition to send our state legislature assembly. She also shared that to help support this bill, Gayle shared you can take the following action steps:

  • Attend Town Halls and SB-562 Campaign events to get the word out to build public support and correct misinformation!
  • There will be a SB-562 Hearing and Rally at the State Capital in Sacramento on Oct. 23 & 24th in support of the Bill.
  • Please call our Assembly member, Travis Allen, to pressure him to invite the Nurses Association to speak at the hearing.

The healthcare team will meet the first Friday of every month, starting in November.

Local Elections Team Updates (Brendon Perkins):

Brendon shared the Local Elections team will host Moonlight Mourning on November 8 from 6:00 p.m. – 8:00 p.m. at the first fire pit south of HB Pier and Lifeguard Tower S. They are encouraging everyone to come together on the anniversary of the election and write a note about something they’d like to leave behind in 2017 to leave in the fire.

NoBanNoWall Update (Aubrey Roy):

Aubrey shared that members of the NoBanNoWall Team attended HB City Council meeting in response to hydrogen sulfide (stench in OC) and that city council formed a committee to investigave. She also announced a fundraiser for the Oak View Literacy Program called Wine and Words on October 27. Members of the NoBanNoWall Team also plan to volunteer at Oak View’s Trunk or Treat Event on October 28. The NoBanNoWall Team has two BridgesNotWalls shirts left (women’s size medium and women’s size small) for $25. Contact if interested.

Women’s Rights Update (Hayley Buchanan/Libby Frolichman):

Libby shared the shirt they have designed which says, “Silence is NOT an option.” She explained this shirt is applicable not only for Women’s Rights, but for all issues we’re currently facing. The Women’s Rights team is selling shirts for $20 to raise money for Planned Parenthood. They will hosting a potluck in the park to discuss community issues. It will be at Huntington Beach central park. On the south side of the library. Bring chairs or blankets to relax on. Light snacks and refreshments will be available. For more information, see the Facebook event page.

Our next meeting is on Saturday, November 18 from 10:00 a.m. – 12:00 p.m. at Carden Elementary School, doors open at 9:30 a.m. We will be hosting three local female advocates for an event entitled, “Women’s Rights Are Human Rights. Okay, now what?”






Recap: Get To Know Your Candidates #3


We had our third Q&A event with 48th District congressional candidates on Saturday September 16, 2017. Roughly, 130 people showed up to hear Omar Siddiqui and Dr. Hans Keirstead answer questions at Carden Conservatory Elementary from 10:00 a.m. -12:00 p.m.

Doors opened at 9:30 a.m. and participants had the chance to enjoy our new “Fair-Style” set up, where our five action teams set up booths to display information, advertise upcoming opportunities and answer questions about local issues.

Our meeting facilitator, Cathey Ryder, welcomed new members to the meeting and Karen Coyne of our environment group provided an overview of the HB Huddle and introduced our new vision statement:

“To cultivate a vibrant community of informed voters who actively participate in the democratic process to make a positive difference in our community.”

Our five action teams then provided updates.

Environment Team Updates (Karen Coyne):

Energy Committee:  Karen shared the committee is helping to move HB towards Community Choice Energy. City Council has now voted 5-2 FOR moving to the next step (just a couple months ago they voted 7-0 AGAINST)

Toxin-Free HB Committee:  Karen shared that City Council is on board with 7-0 vote to come up with a citywide plan.  She reached out and expressed they need people at Nov. 6 council meeting.

Trash-Free HB Committee:  She shared several people attended the city council meeting requesting that HB adopt Track 1 to install trash capturing devices to adhere to California’s new legislation requiring no trash in our waterways by 2027

Additional Environment Team Events are list on their webpage:


Healthcare Update (Greg Kordich and Gayle Poynter):

Gayle shared the benefits of single-payer healthcare and advocated that “Healthcare is a Human Right”. She and Greg advocated for California’s statewide bill SB-562, which make California’s healthcare system single-payer. For information about SB-562, please check

They also encouraged everyone to join the Facebook page of OC Regional organizers by searching: Medicare For All – Orange County.

Local Elections Team Updates (Brendon Perkins):

Brendon shared recent data that Republican party identification is at an all-time low and now is a crucial opportunity to turn the district blue. There is a 6% gap between Republicans and Democrats in OC party affiliation. He shared the Local Elections team is working to turn the OC Blue by pinpointing the people who are changeable, registering new voters, teaching volunteers how to talk to those voters, educating the public about the candidates at all levels, and getting out the vote in 2018.

If you are trained in Voter Registration: Click Here To Sign-Up For A Shift 

NoBanNoWall Update (Aubrey Roy):

Aubrey shared that a few members attended HB City Council meeting in support of Chief Handy because of his work with Oak View community in HB. They are collecting donations on behalf of Orange County Immigrant Youth United for DACA renewals at this meeteing to meet the October 5 deadline. They are designing shirts to wear and also use as fundraising to support immigrant communities.

Women’s Rights Update (Libby Frolichman):

Libby shared the shirt they have designed which says, “Silence is NOT an option.” She explained this shirt is applicable not only for Women’s Rights, but for all issues we’re currently facing. The Women’s Rights team is selling shirts to raise money for Planned Parenthood.

pic 2

New Fundraiser:

Cathey Ryder then explained the HB Huddle’s financial needs and the need for us to fundraise. The HB Huddle is currently raising funds to help pay for administrative costs to conduct Huddle business, such as website fees, to host events, such as the Candidate Forum, and purchase marketing supplies, such as banners and t-shirts.

Karen Coyne then discussed OhmConnect, a new fundraising effort for the HB Huddle, which will also help to reduce energy and help the environment. OhmConnect, a home energy software company, will donate up to $150 per year to HB Huddle for each household when they reduce their electricity usage.

For more information about OhmConnect, check out this video:

For more details on OhmConnect for the Huddle are available here:

Our sponsored charity for September-November is Beach Cities Interfaith Services (BCIS), which offers a wide variety of services, such as food services, financial services, and case management, for our working poor and homeless clients. Linda Rose from BCIS spoke to HB Huddle about the needs of the organization. She discussed that there is a need for groceries, clothes, and personal hygiene products. For more information about BCIS and ways you can help, please check out:


Candidate Q&A

The candidates each had seven minutes to introduce themselves. Each action team then asked the candidates a question related to their issues, where they had two minutes each to respond. Audience members had an opportunity to ask questions by writing them on index cards. Candidates responded to the following questions:

  • Which environmental protections are important to you and how will you balance them with economic growth? (Environment Action Team)
  • Democrats usually fall into two camps in healthcare: Fixing ACA or supporting single-payer healthcare? Where do you fall on the spectrum and how do you plan to keep Big Pharma out of decision making? (Healthcare Action Team)
  • What is your stance on Citizens United and how to combat voter suppression? (Local Elections Action Team)
  • How will you determine the needs and wants of residents regardless of voter status? (NoBanNoWall Action Team)
  • What two Women’s Rights issues are most important to you? (Women’s Rights Action Team)
  • How would you address the homeless problem in our district?
  • Our president has recently signed an executive order on off-shore drilling? What will you do to protect our shoreline?
  • What is your stance on the transgender ban in the military and how will you support the LGBTQ community?
  • What is your stance on raising the minimum wage?
  • If you are not chosen as the congressional candidate, would you consider running for another political office down the ballot?

Our next meeting is on Saturday, October 16 from 10:00 a.m. – 12:00 p.m. at Carden Elementary School, doors open at 9:30 a.m. We will be hosting another candidate forum with Michael Kotick and Brandon Reiser.

Steering Team Update July & August

Our Steering Team has been making steady process to further organize the HB Huddle. The Steering Team consists of representatives from each of our Action Teams as well as our Finance and Communications Team members.

Here are the minutes from our last three meetings: 

8.29.17 HB Huddle Steering Meeting Map

7.18.17 HB Huddle Steering Meeting Map-2

7.11.17 HB Huddle Steering Meeting Map

One of the biggest developments is that we have finalized a Vision Statement for the HB Huddle check it out!

To cultivate a vibrant community of informed voters who actively participate in the democratic process to make a positive difference in our community.


Recap: Get To Know Your Candidates #2

On Saturday July 15, 2017, we had our second Q&A event with 48th congressional candidates. Roughly, 180 people showed up to hear Harley Rouda and Tony Zarkades answer questions at the Huntington Beach Yacht Club from 10am-12:30pm.

IMG_4400The event started with our sponsored charity for May-July, Robyne’s Nest, founder, Robyne Wood who discussed how she started the organization when she saw a need for students who were struggling for basic support. Robyne’s Nest provides support to homeless and at-risk students in Huntington Beach through living stipends, food pantries, assistance to social services and healthcare, and life skill classes. For information about Robyne’s Nest or to make a donation, please see:

To see a full video of the Candidate Q&A, check out this link on Resist Live. (If you don’t see it right away scroll through the videos and look for the one titled: In Huntington Beach today, a group of residents…)

Big Thanks to Alex Matthews for recording this video and posting it! The video already has 3000 views.

The 2018 election is 15 months away but we still had a packed house!

The Q&A had a similar format to our previous event with Laura Oatman & Boyd Roberts. Candidates had 10 minutes to introduce themselves, then each HB Huddle Action Team asked a question related to their policy topic, and each candidates had two minutes to respond. Audience members also had an opportunity to submit questions, here is a full list of the questions:

  • Which environmental protections are important to you and how will you balance them with economic growth?
  • Democrats usually fall into two camps in healthcare: Fixing ACA or supporting single-payer healthcare? Where do you fall on the spectrum and how do you plan to keep Big Pharma out of decision making?

    Candidates Tony Zarkades (left) and Harley Rouda (right)
  • What is your stance on Citizens United and how to combat voter suppression?
  • How will you determine the needs and wants of residents regardless of voter status?
  • What two Women’s Rights issues are most important to you?
  • If you are the democrat chosen to run against Rohrabacher, what issues you will you bring to the forefront to ensure victory?
  • What should the US’ stance be on accepting political refugees?
  • What is your relationship with unions and how will you protect labor rights?
  • What will you do about the opioid epidemic in OC?
  • What will you do to protect LQBTQ rights?
  • What are your views on charter vs. public school funding?

“Free tuition for all public schools should be the law of the land.” – Tony Zarkades


“If you provide living wages, you provide people hope.”  – Harley Rouda

After the candidate Q&A our five Action Teams updated the group on recent activities:

Karen Coyne of our environment group provided an overview of the HB Huddle and introduced our new logo designed by Casey Ryder for free.  Check it out:



Huge thanks to Casey for our amazing logo. Casey is the Creative Director of Global Marketing for Beats by Dre and a former designer for Obama For America and we are grateful for his time working on this design. Our communications team will be working on ordering t-shirts, a banner, and other marketing materials in August.

Environment Team Updates (Karen Coyne):

Water Committee: Karen shared that funding was approved by OCWD for an additional $90,000 (for a total of $320,000 of our tax dollars) to support/consider Poseidon despite the fact that there were no speakers advocating the funding and several against it.

Toxin-Free HB Committee: Karen encouraged audience to sign this petition on to tell leaders in HB to stop using toxic pesticides in parks. Here’s a quick video from the creators of the petition:

Trash-Free HB Waters Committee: Karen shared the state trash policy implementation process has begun, and HB (as well as every other city and county in the state) will have 90 days to pick an implementation option.

Energy Committee: Steve Shepherd shared the Energy Committee will be coordinating a CCE 4 HB write-in campaign for postcards, letters, & email. Anyone interested in attending or speaking at the City Council meeting in support of CCE 4 HB, please contact the Environment Action Team. Click here to join their Facebook page.

Healthcare Team Update (Christian Mach):

Christian discussed the importance of single-payer healthcare system.

Local Elections Team Updates (Cathy Ryder and Brendon Perkins):

Voter Outreach Committee:

Cathy and Brendon shared the accomplishments of the outreach team in their voter registration training and encouraged people to sign up for voter registration booths and purchase voter registration kits. Click here for the Facebook event page for their next meeting.


Education committee: Information on public elected officials is available on their page on our website

Services and Social Committee: The HB Huddle has raised $355 for Robyne’s Nest. The next sponsored charity is Beach Cities Inter-Faith Services

Direction Action Committee: They are organizing a presence at HB City Council meetings.

#NoBanNoWall Update (Shayna Lathus):

Shayna shared they have completed their infographic on hate crimes, which is available here on the website. At their July meeting, they discussed two priorities: Building bridges between the immigrant communities and ourselves and working toward making HB a Sanctuary City.

Hate crime infographic-page-001

Women’s Rights update (Hayley Buchannan):

Screen Shot 2017-07-12 at 8.22.04 PM

The Women’s Rights team passed out informational sheet on Planned Parenthood and informed audience about Planned Parenthood Advocacy Nights in Santa Ana. They have completed the design of their t-shirts to sell to raise money.

Click here for details on their next meeting

Action teams then had 30 minutes for their breakout sessions.

The HB Huddle will go dark in the month of August. A committee had been planning to host a bipartisan Town Hall event at OCC in August.

The committee had initially received a positive response from Rohrabacher’s local office and were instructed to call the local office to set up a meeting with local Republican party affiliates and HB Huddle members to discuss the possibility of Rohrabacher Skyping into the event. Unfortunately when the committee called to schedule the appointment this week communications with the local office fell apart. Since the congressman’s participation is unlikely, the August event has been cancelled, but the committee will revisit the idea in the future.

Therefore, the next scheduled HB Huddle meeting will be a third “Get Know Your Candidates Forum” featuring Hans Keirstead and Omar Siddiqui on Saturday, September 16 from 10:00 a.m. – 12:00 p.m. at Carden Elementary School.

Recap: Get To Know Your Candidates #1

We had 115 people attend our first Q&A event, which featured 48th District Congressional Candidates Laura Oatman & Boyd Roberts. The event was held at Carden Conservatory on Saturday June 17 from 9:30 a.m. – 11:30 a.m..

In case you missed it, we were lucky to have Alex Matthews volunteer to Live Stream the event for the Resist Here Facebook page. Click here to access the full video.

Screen Shot 2017-06-30 at 1.07.06 PM
“Education is a civil right and I’m expanding that civil right, from K-12 to post-secondary education… I believe that if it’s publicly owned then the public should have access to it, especially if there isn’t an impact to the tax payer.” -Boyd Roberts on his University of California Online ballot initiative


Each candidate had 10 minutes to introduce themselves. Then they each had 2-minutes to answer the following questions:

  1. Which environmental protections are important to you and how will you balance them with economic growth?
  2. What is your stance on Citizens United and how to combat voter suppression?
  3. Do you support the single-payer healthcare bill?
  4. How will you determine the needs and wants of residents regardless of voter status?
  5. What two Women’s Rights issues are most important to you?
  6. Where do you stand on Gun Control?
  7. What would you do to preserve K-12 public education?
  8. Do you support a $15.00/hour livable wage?
  9. What do you think of the proposed Poseidon Desalination project in HB?
  10. What do you plan on doing to increase voter turn out in the midterm elections?



Screen Shot 2017-06-30 at 1.06.06 PM
“What I’m about to say might get me in trouble, but I am 100% against the Poseidon Desal plant.” -Laura Oatman on the biggest  environmental issue facing HB


After the candidate Q&A we had all five of our HB Huddle Action Teams report what they’ve been working on. Here is the PowerPoint that was shared: Presentation report for HB Huddle

Environment Team Update by Karen Coyne

-The group participated in the Surf Rider Foundations Beach clean-up and had a meeting afterward featuring two speakers

-The first speaker was Antonia Castro-Graham to discuss CCA’s/CCE’s and the second was Ray Hiemstra to discuss the Poseidon Desalination Project

-The group has created three committees to focus on local policies regarding 1) Energy 2) Water 3) Toxin-free HB. Details can be found in their most recent Meeting Minutes.

-The Energy Committee is focused on CCE’s (Community Choice Energy), The Water Committee is working hand-in-hand with R4RD and Coast Keeper on combating Posiedon’s Desal project. Toxin-Free HB will work hand in hand with HB Tomorrow to see that we have a fully executed Toxic-Free HB plan in place before year end.


Healthcare Team Update by Christian Mach 

-Mach described the latest happenings on both Trumpcare and on SB-562.

-To read more about SB-562 visit

-To help other Regional Organizers in their efforts to support SB-562. Join the following Facebook page:  Medicare For All Orange County  

-To read the Economic Analysis of Single-Payer recently released by the University of Massachusetts visit this link to the Political Economy Research Institute 

Screen Shot 2017-06-30 at 2.27.13 PM

Local Elections Team Update by Brendon Perkins

Perkins went over the recent accomplishments of the Team’s four committees:

  • Voter Outreach (trained over 30 people at Voter Registration Training in June)
  • Education (spoke at West Dem Club of OC & published two research docs on website)
  • Services & Social (collected $240 to give to Robyne’s Nest and collected another $140 during the meeting)
  • Direct Action (helped coordinate the Q&A and is organizing HB Huddle presence at City Council meetings)

The next Local Elections Meeting is scheduled for July 20 from 6:30 PM – 8:30 PM (6:15 for Networking and Light Refreshments) at the Summerlane Clubhouse 5245 Foxglove Drive, Huntington Beach, CA 92649.

#NoBanNoWall Team Update by Shayna Lathis

Lathis went over the Team’s recent developments on the following areas:

  • SB54 California Values Act
  • Oak View Literacy Training started
  • World Refugee Day June 20
  • Please donate to UNICEF or Save the Children Refugee Relief
  • Signs of white nationalism infographic
  • There next meeting is TBD. For updates and links to their Facebook group please visit their page 

Women’s Rights Team Update by Hayley Buchanan

-We are looking for t-shirt designs to raise funds for our group to support Planned Parenthood and other women’s rights efforts in the community.

-They established three policy areas to help the group focus their research. For full Meeting Minutes visit their page.

-Their next Team Meeting is Sunday July 9 from 2:00 PM – 4:00 PM 625 Suzy’s House -Taper Drive, Seal Beach, CA 90740.


During the Action Team reports we collected donations to cover the cost of the room. $497 was collected and Bethany deposited it into the HB Huddle bank account. Dispersal of funds will be voted on at the next Steering Team meeting on July 11th. Location will be announced in the Friday newsletter.

Our next meeting is on Sat. July 15th at the Huntington Harbor Yacht Club from 10:00 a.m. – 12:00 p.m. Click here for our Facebook Event  page.

In the meantime here are a couple more quotes from our speakers…

“I’m a momma bear on steroids and I don’t want to see anybody left behind.” -Laura Oatman

For more on Laura visit:

“I’m 100% Bernie.” -Boyd Roberts

For more on Boyd visit:

June Steering Meeting Minutes

The Steering Team meeting for July 20 has been temporarily postponed. A new date and place will be decided on at the big Huddle Meeting this Saturday June 17. Aubrey Roy will facilitate the meeting and we will be focusing on developing a Vision Statement for the Huddle.

Click here for the full minutes from our last Steering Team Meeting: 6.6.17 HB Huddle Steering Meeting Minutes 1.0

Here are the highlights:

The group decided that we will go dark in August in order to encourage all members to attend an important Townhall event at OCC on August 19. Since the meeting two other congressional candidates have declared in the 48th District, so our Sept. meeting will most likely be a 3rd candidate forum.

Since Claire’s commitment as Steering Facilitator is coming to a close. The group discussed possible replacements. Karen said that she might be able to start with the Sept. meeting and take on the next quarterly commitment. Aubrey and Cynthia said they could help facilitate in July and August if need be.

The group also developed a list of words to use as a jumping off point in developing our HB Huddle vision statement:

  • Hopeful
  • Community
  • Cultivate active communication
  • Change
  • Informed and educated voters
  • Action oriented
  • Sustained
  • Compassionate
  • Engaged concerned enlightened
  • Dialogue/discourse
  • Resist
  • Persist
  • Moving forward
  • Premier information distribution for unbiased candidate selection
  • Citizenry
  • Progress
  • Forefront of issues
  • Participatory
  • Creative
  • “Fun”
  • Bring viewpoints together
  • Results
  • Socially liberal
  • Impeccable reputation
  • Credible
  • Consistent
  • Dependable
  • Committed
  • Diverse
  • Openness
  • Respectful

Words for where we’d like to see ourselves 4 years in the future

  • Winning
  • Leaders
  • Closer
  • Partners
  • Key collaborators
  • Preeminent
  • Settled-in
  • Connected to our community
  • Fluid/organic
  • Glide path established



Sat. June 17: Get To Know Your Congressional Candidates

For a PDF of our event flier click here: HuddleMtgFlier

For a PDF of the agenda click here: 6.17.17 HB Huddle Agenda Final 2.0

Invite friends on Facebook by using our public Facebook Event Page

HuddleMtgFlier-page-001-2.jpgIn the 48th Congressional district, four candidates have formally declared that they will be running against Dana Rohrabacher in the 2018 election. As advocates for informed voters, the HB Huddle is hosting a series of public “Get To Know Your Candidates” events in June & July.

Our June meeting will feature Laura Oatman & Boyd Roberts at Carden Conservatory Elementary School. See full speaker bios below!

Our July meeting will feature Harley Rouda & Tony Zarkades at the Huntington Harbor Yacht Club.

How The Q & A Works

At each meeting candidates will have 10 minutes of speaking time to introduce themselves. The HB Huddle is a community group comprised of five different Action Teams, that each focus on different political issues. After candidate introductions, our Action Teams will have an opportunity to ask each candidate one question about their topic. Candidates will have two minutes to respond to each question from Action Team leaders. After these 10 timed responses, we will then take questions from the audience.

Score Cards

Audience members will receive the following score card to help them take notes and record their own personal reactions to each candidate. We encourage all attendees to share their impressions on social media and keep the notes for their records.

Click Here For PDF of Score Card: Candidate Scorecard (Proposed) 6.8.17

Candidate Scorecard (Proposed) 6.8.17-page-001Speaker Bios: 

Laura Oatman:

A small business owner, mother, and community activist, Laura Oatman has deep roots in Orange County, completing her bachelor’s degree at UC Irvine before receiving her Master’s in Architecture from UCLA, where she met her husband. Laura is a LEED-accredited licensed architect with over 30 years experience designing environmentally-friendly buildings, who started Oatman Architects with her husband which now employs people in the town she has called home for over 40 years. While raising her five children, Laura became active in local community organizations and nonprofits, as well as starting several small businesses including a health and wellness company that has earned multiple accolades.

After the 2016 elections, Laura created OC Progressives, a group of positive, forward-thinking individuals in Orange County who have been shaken by the results of the recent election. The group meets every 3rd Thursday of the month and believes in common sense and compassion. The group was created with three goals in mind: 1) to educate our members on a variety of topics with experts from their respective fields; 2) to provide resources and information on activities that members can further express themselves politically; and 3) to bring like-minded individuals together in a fun and professional way!

Laura is running for Congress in California’s 48th congressional district against Dana Rohrabacher to bring people together and work on common-sense, forward-thinking solutions to Washington DC. Laura will work to make sure we grow our economy with jobs that protect our environment and ensure that healthcare and education is a right for all.

Boyd Roberts:

It is very important that we win big in November 2018.  If, in the lead up to this election, impeachment, Russia, and any number of progressive issues do not appear to be winning issues, how do we make sure that we, never-the-less win in these red districts?  How do we get enough Republicans to vote for Democratic candidates to tip the balance without moderating our views?  I am the author of two ballot measures, which, I believe, will attract large new constituencies of students, millennials, parents, drivers, Republicans and independents to register, vote, and tip the balance for the Democratic candidates up and down the ballot that promote these measures.

I come from a family of teachers and am very passionate about the first measure.  It establishes the right of all Californians to fully access all publicly owned higher education and – without impacting the taxpayer – create a new University of California Online to facilitate this access.  It would dramatically reduce college costs and lessen the need for students to go into so much debt.  See and  for more information.

The second measure would eliminate the collection of tolls on our TollRoads after 20 years.

The November election shook me to my core. I believe that this President represents an existential threat to everything that we hold dear:  our liberty, our freedom, our way of life, everything. I cannot stay silent. I am compelled to act. I am a candidate for California’s 48th Congressional District. I am running to bring bold progressive leadership to the 48th, stand up to, and to impeach this President.

Politically, I am 100% Bernie and will represent the 48th as an unapologetic progressive.  I live in Laguna Beach. In the 48th Congressional District have also lived in Huntington Beach, Newport Beach, and Fountain Valley. I have a BA from CSUSB in economics, studied at Waseda University in Tokyo, and traveled around the world.  I am a local real estate broker, a student of history, an amateur artist, and the proud father of identical twin sons.

For more information see and


Climate Cheat Sheet

Here is the Climate Cheat Sheet that Dr. Treseder handed out at our May Meeting…

Here’s the PDF: Climate_change_CA48_v4_full


More about our speaker:

Dr. Kathleen K. Treseder studies ecosystems that are endangered by climate change, including Alaskan forests, Costa Rican cloud forests, and Californian shrublands. She is a Professor and Vice Chair in the Department of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology at the University of California Irvine. She received her PhD from Stanford University and was recently elected a Fellow of the Ecological Society of America. She has authored 91 peer-reviewed articles in scientific journals. Her research has been covered by the New York Times, NPR, and Discover Magazine.

May 20th Meeting Minutes

We had a 63 people in attendance for our third HB Huddle meeting.

Current Huddle members signed-in via our Mail Chimp database and new attendees checked-in by signing up for our weekly newsletter.

We had two guest speakers before sharing Action Team Reports and breaking into small groups for Action Planning Sessions. We collected $515 in donations. We also collected $250 in gift cards to donate to Robyne’s Nest.

Meeting Minutes: 

10:10  Claire opened the meeting,

She welcomed newcomers and went over the agenda handout. Then she introduced Debbie Cook of The Post Carbon Institute.

Cook discussed her experience on HB City Council and why she ran against Dana Rohrabacher. She said that in order for a candidate to have a viable congressional campaign they need three things:passport11834

1) Ability to raise at least $1 million

2) A huge amount of volunteers since there’s such a large number of precincts

3) To be a good candidate (curious and charismatic) & know why your running


“We’re the government.”

                          -Debbie Cook on the need to be vocal at the local level

She reminded everyone in the room that, “we’re the government” and it’s our job to make our reps accountable. She talked about one experience polling voters which yielded surprising results: most people thought Dana was a women. She said that as a candidate you can’t avoid the difficult issues and that immigration is one of the most challenging issues to talk about in Huntington Beach.


When it comes to seeing a Democrat take the 48th seat in 2018, Cook was not optimistic. She encouraged people to work on local elections more, especially at the City Council level. “Get in there for 8 years and then get out,” she said. Then go share that knowledge by getting involved somewhere else.

She said one of most important thing citizens can do is to start attending meetings like City Council and Water District Meetings.


10:38 Claire introduced Kathleen Treseder

Click here to view Climate Change Cheat Sheet

UCI Professor Kathleen Treseder handed out Climate Change cheat sheets. She pointed out the 97% of Climate experts agree that climate change is happening now and that humans make an impact. She said that it’s very unusually for this many scientists to agree on anything and there have been numerous independent data sets from all across the world taken into account.

She said the best way to slow climate change is to reduce green house gas emissions.

“If we have enough power to change the climate, then we have enough power to fix it, and it’s not too late.”

                -Kathleen Treseder on local actions for Climate Change

The US has reduced emissions since 2008 and the goals according to the Paris Agreement is to reduce emission by 27% by 2025.

Then she discussed how the national level is not the only option, we can also regulate emissions at the state, city and household level. California for example has their own pledge that is much more ambitious and cities like San Diego and Los Angeles have signed on to parallel agreements where they commit to limiting emissions at the local level, so far 130 cities have sign-on.

She encouraged the group to interact with City Council to encourage council members to join this sort of agreement. Speaking during public comments at council meetings is a great place to start.


Next she shared a map showing sea-level rise and how HB and Seal Beach would be affected. This is non-partisan issue as it effects all residents. Original predictions showed a rise of 3-6 feet but the state has revised the prediction to 3-10 feet. All the low-land areas shaded blue would be lost, an area that comprises 30% of our beaches. These are all important details to bring to our local elected officials.

So far our current congressional rep denies that Climate Change is happening. Only 0.7% of his votes in congress are pro-environment but among constituents 72% of residents agree that global warming is happening.

She and 15 other UCI profressors went to deliver the letter Rohrabacher to make him acknowledge Climate Change. They received a letter in response that said he wanted a debate about climate change. The professors wouldn’t agree to a debate but they said they’d be happy host a forum about climate change.

Climate Change Cheat Sheet  Climate_change_CA48_v4_full


10:54  Action Team Reports began

Environmental Action Team – Karen Coyne

Karen shared a power point with a little bit of background about the start of the Huddle. She explained that Shawnacy had facilitated the environmental team the first couple months but now she is moving to Iowa, so Karen is looking for support to help her with leading the team.

She showed photos of some of their activites and said that so far they had helped other organizations with their events, like having a booth at Earth Day at the Bay, and th Climate March. During the breakout session they would discuss next steps.

11:03 Health Care Action Team – Christian Machpassport11841

Christian explained how Healthcare is happening on two different fronts. On the national level we are playing defense on Obamacare/The Affordable Care Act. Congress is trying to pass the American Health Care Act/Trump Care and most experts are saying that it won’t pass the senate. On that front it’s important to show democratic senators support to let them know we have their backs.

On the other front SB-562 is leading the way with the Healthy California Act. Two senators from Long Beach and San Diego introduced the bill. Local activists have been canvasing door-to-door in Fullerton, Josh Newman’s district to get the word out as he is undecided. The act is based on the belief that comprehensive healthcare is a human right and would include Dental, Vision, Mental Health, in a Medicare for all model.

He said that private insurance companies will continue to pull out and undermine Obamacare. The bill SB-562 is in the appropriations committee and we need to call our state legislatures to let them know there is a ground swell of support for this.

11:14 #NoBanNoWall Action Team – Shayna Lathis

Aubrey had been facilitating the #NoBanNoWall Team, but Shayna said that she would be leading the group for summer, while she’s not teaching. One of their first goals as a group was to be more informed and each month they are trying to create an info graphic. The first one focused on DACA, and is already on the Huddle website.

The group has also created the Know Your Rights Cards in English & Spanish. They made 500 and handed them out. They also hosted their first film night watched a documentary called “Documented.” They are going to continue to host movie nights like this, which will be announced in the weekly newsletter. “Beatrice At dinner,” with Salma Hayak and Jon Lithgow.passport11844

She said that a few people in the Huddle attended the OVSD meeting and they set a goal to attend more city council meetings. A couple team members are looking to volunteer with the Oakview literacy center. They are also working on a list of local and national organizations and they have a Facebook group which are both on their webpage.

Next info-graphic is going to be focused on various slogans and logos of Alt right…

A member of the Oakview PTA was in the audience and she briefly discussed the recent school board meetings and how there were four times as many supporters in attendance than alt-right activists.

11:19 Women’s Rights Action Team – Sherman 

Sherman said that the group is still getting organized and they were looking into the best way to help support Planned Parenthood on a local level. Cate recommend that the group could volunteer at a Long Beach Pride event coming up were you could march with Planned Parenthood.

11:25 Local Elections Action Team – Cathy & Brendon passport11849

Since they started meeting outside of the Huddle the group has decided to focus on three different areas:

  1. Inform, organize and mobilize the community
  2. Educate, the public about the voting records
  3. Integrate, there are a lot of groups and we don’t want to duplicate, so we decided to focus on Local Elections how can we change City Council,

Local Elections Tagline:

“Advocates for informed voting”

-Local Elections Action Team Slogan


Cathy discussed recent actions of their inform voters subgroup. Some team members have already attended voter registration training and we’d like to have as many Huddle members as possible get trained in order to mobilize voters and help get out the vote. She pointed out that the 40 million people who stayed home are part of the reason why we are in the mess we are in now.

Brendon discussed the education subgroup. He’s said that while lots of other grassroots groups are focused on Dana they are turning their attention to City Council. The group has already conducted extensive research, which is up on our website.  He said if your not into protesting then you can join this research group and contribute from the privacy of your own home. He said that state-wide there are 180 people up for election on 2018.

Cate Hardesty has also set up Code Blue Orange County, which is going be a research set up a database for Google Docs.

Cathy then discussed our plans to become part of the local community by donating to a different local group every quarter starting with Robyne’s Nest. 

The group is also going to facilitate an effort for the HB Huddle to have a constant presence at the HB City Council meetings. We want a rotating group of 5-7 people to consistently attend. We will have sign-up sheets for this at our June meeting.

“We’re from the HB Huddle and we’re watching you”

-Cathy Ryder has a plan for City Council Meetings 🙂

She announced that for our June meeting we will have congressional candidates Laura Oatman & Boyd Roberts. For our July meeting we will have congressional candidates Harley Rouda & Tony Zarkades. We want have all these speakers address the same questions and develop a report card survey for audience members to fill out.

11:35 Financial Report – Bethany Webb

We had a beginning balance of $396 before collecting $515 dollars at Saturdays meeting. At Tuesdays steering meeting the group voted to disperse $175 to Cynthia to reimburse the room rental, $134 to Bethany to reimburse the cost of the business license (we are operating as a business while we work towards non-profit status) and $163 to order more HB Huddle wristbands. This leaves a remaining balance of $439. The steering group also voted to use $350 to cover the cost of the room for June & July meetings. Leaving a remaining balance of $89.

11:40 – 12:40 Action Teams met in break-out groups for planning sessions

The groups also developed questions for Congressional candidates to answer at our next meeting.