Casino Night Prizes: Check Your Tickets!

The following gift baskets were unclaimed at our Casino Night drawing on Saturday Oct. 20th.

Please check your blue raffle tickets to see if you’re a winner! If you hold the winning ticket please email, and we’ll make sure you get your prize. The deadline to claim you prizes is Nov. 10, 2018.

Prize #1 – Nail Polish – Ticket #3938402

Prize # 5 – Car Detailing – Ticket #3937823

Prize # 18 – Hot Chocolate Basket – Ticket #3937513

Prize #16 – How Does Your Garden Grow – Ticket #3938699

Prize #14 – Date Night Package – Ticket #3938624

Prize #12 – Little Bit of Everything Basket – Ticket #39338735

Prize #42 – Dem shirt and lanyard – Ticket #3937688

Prize #36 – Blue Tooth Speaker – Ticket #3938492

Prize #32 – Yummy Picnic Basket – Ticket #3937683

Prize #31 – Girls Just Want To Have Fun Basket – Ticket #3938424

Prize #30 – Moscow Muller – Ticket #3937950

Prize #26 – Adrift –  Ticket #3938868

Prize #22 – Celinder Glass Design: Bookmark – Ticket #3938613

Prize #20 – Celinder Glass Design: Cheese Plate – Ticket #3938227

Prize # 19 – Celinder Glass Design:  Cheese Plate – Ticket #3938043

Prize #23 – NoBanNoWall Picture – Ticket #3937942

You must have your ticket to claim your prize. Please email and we’ll coordinate your prize pick-up! Thank you.

Special Thanks To All Our Donation Partners & Volunteers

The first annual HB Huddle Casino Night & Ballot Party was a great success and took a huge group effort. We would like to thank everyone who came out to enjoy the evening and the following people who volunteered their time, services and/or donated to the wonderful baskets.

Phillip Arroyo (Que Pasta) – Dennis Bress – Mary Ann Celinder (Celinder Glass) – Carey Jo & Tony Chase (All We Print) -Chef Jen – Alice Marie De Leon – Laurie Dozal – Matt Fitt (Matt Fitt Photography) -Libby Frolichman – Susan Gillespie – Stephanie Harger – Zeta Heiter – Paul & Holly Hodges – Linda Law – John Jeans II – Julie Killeen – Greg Kordich – Lorelei Lachman – Ellen & Mike Liebherr (Harbor Party Rentals) – Maria & Martin Munter – Merlone Geier Management, LLC – Brendon Perkins – Aparna and Bev Rau – Laura & Taylor Reichelt – Cynthia Romanowski – Aubrey Roy – Cathey & Bob Ryder (Ryder Wine) – Sarah Stephens – Bethany Webb – Carol Webster

October Ballot Party: Get Your Tickets!

BALLOT PARTY EVENT ADDRESS: 6905 Warner Avenue | Suite #805 | Huntington Beach, CA 92647 (in the Big Lots shopping center look for the Harley sign on the front)

Tickets are available at the door the day of the event. 

Tickets are now available for our upcoming Ballot Party on Saturday Oct. 20, 2018.

You can also purchase tickets here through Eventbrite.

We’ve all been working hard to get our OC candidates elected. Whether it’s canvassing, phonebanking or writing postcards we’ve been doing all we can to GOTV (Get Out The Vote).

Now we’re coming together to fill-out our mail-in ballots and take a night off to eat, drink, and play table games for great prizes.

After we fill-out our ballots and have some fun, we’ll create a social media tsunami by taking selfies with our favorite candidate (yes, they’ll be there too!) and sharing them on social media. $35.00 gets you admittance, play money for casino games, three drink tickets (beer & wine) and a plethora of delicious appetizers.

By your tickets by 10/18/2018 and receive $40.00 of extra play money. Casino night prizes include A beautiful get-away in Park City Utah, sports tickets, gift baskets and more! Bring your ballot and let’s have some fun!


Day of Action & Casino Night Save The Date

We are hosting our biggest event of the year this Saturday! The future governor of CA, Gavin Newsom, is joining the HB Huddle for a “Day of Action” to help our slate of down ballot candidates. 

Please use this link to officially RSVP for this event:


We are thrilled to have local candidates, Harley Rouda, Duke Nguyen, Tom Umberg for State Senate, Josh Lowenthal and Cottie for State Assembly and their volunteers come together for this important GOTV event. 

The time has come to put it all on the table and fight for the world we believe in. The day will start with a short program of motivational words from our amazing candidates and then we’ll get to work! 

Whether it is canvassing, phone banking, text banking, or writing postcards to local voters, we will have lots of easy ways to help our candidates with “Get Out The Vote” efforts. 

Each campaign will also have tables so you can come pick up your bumper stickers, buttons, yard signs, donation envelopes etc. 

HB Huddle will provide water and snacks (please bring your own refillable water bottle.) If you plan to textbank, phonebank or canvass you will also need a fully charged phone or tablet and/or laptop.

Save The Date: HB Huddle Casino Night & Ballot Party

On Saturday October 20, 2018 our next event will be a fundraiser and ballot party from 7:00 p.m. – 11:00 p.m . Join us for a night of food, drinks and fun! We’ll have more details on candidate appearances and tickets soon. Mark your calendar and check our weekly newsletter for more info. Click here to sign-up for our weekly email! 


June Recap & July Happenings

Were you there?

Our screening of the documentary The Anthropologist, drew about 50 enthusiastic supporters to our HB Huddle on Saturday, June 30 at Carden Conservatory Elementary School.

It was a great feast of potluck delicacies and engaging conversations with kindred spirits. HB Huddle local elections team leader, Brendon Perkins, challenged us to step out of our comfort zone explaining that to win this next election – that’s what we all need to consider.

“What makes you feel just a little uncomfortable?”

In his case he shared his journey overcoming a fear of public speaking in order to run for office.


“Activism pays off, the results pay off.” -Josh Lowenthal, Candidate for 72nd State Assembly District

Josh Lowenthal, a candidate for the 72nd State Assembly District, reminded us that when we speak from our hearts and from the values we hold as humans, we don’t create more divides, we might actually build alliances.

74th State Assembly Candidate Cottie Petrie-Norris challenged Huddle members to take election day off work in order to volunteer.







Candidates Tom Umberg, Cottie Petrie-Norris and Duke Nguyen were also present, thanked supporters, and shared their excitement around not only moving OC slowly from red to blue, but also doing so because of basic shared human values.

The movie served to remind us that when we seek to understand other cultures and other perspectives, we learn.

We can all be anthropologists in our own backyards, observing and trying to understand one another instead of judging. Only then can we find where we all share common ground and start a new, fresh and peaceful conversation.

Thank you to all who attended!

July Happenings…

The HB Huddle is going dark in July, which means will not be meeting at Carden on the third Saturday of the month, but this doesn’t mean that we’ll stop taking action!

On Wednesday July 18, 2018, several HB Huddle environment team and steering team members will be speaking out at the Orange County Water District meeting. The agency will consider approving the term sheet for the Poseidon desalination project and several members will voice their concerns.

Here is a quick video from California Desalination Facts, which details some of the concerns:

Even if you can’t make the meeting it is still important to speak out. Please email and voice your concerns before the meeting.

You can also use this form from OCWD to state your opposition.



April City Council Meeting Recap

This week City Council members Mike Posey and Erik Peterson used their non-partisan offices to seek national political attention, when they led the council to a 6-1 vote to have the City Attorney file a lawsuit, and work with other municipalities, to challenge SB-54 the “Sanctuary State” bill. Read the full Daily Pilot article here.
BUT the council also voted to extend the organic turf management pilot program in Central Park. This is the next step towards making our public spaces free of toxins by using holistic turf management methods instead of chemicals. 

City Council meeting videos are part of the public domain. Here is a clip of four community members speaking out. You can also watch the full video on the City of Huntington Beach website (if you have trouble viewing the video on the city website try using Chrome as your browser). Council Members responses take place around 4 hours and 25 minutes into the video.


“I’ve been coming to these meeting throughout my life, and I am repeatedly told that we have limited resources and limited funds…I’m appalled, as a tax payer, that you want to take my tax dollars to litigate something that is already being litigated at a much higher level.”

-Cathey R., HB resident since 1985




“I understand the concerns of some members of the community about the impact SB 54 may have on crime and legality of the of the law. However, repeated academic studies have shown that having immigrants – both documented and undocumented – actually DECREASES crime in a community. I work as a data analyst and have a Masters from Oxford University with an emphasis in statistics, so I know data. Recent academic studies have shown that being a sanctuary county has positive impacts on communities. In addition to increased economic benefits, there are, on average, 35.5 fewer crimes committed per 10,000 people in sanctuary counties compared to nonsanctuary counties. This is largely due to the fact that there is increased trust between immigrants and law enforcement, so they are more likely to report crime and cooperate in investigations.”

-Aubrey R., HB Huddle #NoBanNoWall Team (here’s a link to her sources)


“I think there are more of us who are compassionate, who think and who will vote, then there are the hateful ones….be weary of how you vote tonight because your political futures definitely depend on it.”

-Bill M., Orange County resident






“Our country is so tribal right now, you can feel it in the room, there’s so much fear and there’s so much divisiveness and it’s sad to see city officials wanting to stir that up in their hometown… I hope we can get away from that in the future…”

-Cynthia R., 3rd generation Huntington Beach resident




Here are some key numbers:
-1 City Council Member, Jill Hardy (D), opposed the lawsuit
-$53,000: the estimated cost of continuing the turf management pilot program in Central park, which was approved 7-0.
-70+ postcards delivered to City Officials thanks to the HB Huddle Environment Team
-30+ Huddlers and local activists: the approximate number of folks present at Council Chambers on Monday
-13 Huddlers stayed in Council Chambers after 10:00 PM for the Toxic Free HB agenda item
-6+ hours: the amount of hours Huddlers spent in council chambers