Down Ballot Details: Here’s How We’re Voting

The HB Huddle Local Elections Team and Steering Team have conducted research and reached a consensus on most of our ballot choices in the upcoming election, including judges, propositions and more.

Here’s a summary of how our leadership team plans to vote (areas where we did not find a consensus are noted). 

If you have any questions about our decisions, please join our Facebook group and post your questions to start a discussion, here’s the link to join:



Governor: Gavin Newsom

Lt. Governer: Eleni Kounalakis

Secretary of State: Alex Padilla

Controller: Betty T. Yee

Treasurer: Fiona Ma

Attorney General: Xavier Becerra

Insurance Commissioner: Ricardo Lara

State Board of Equaliztion: Mike Schaefer

United States Senator: no consensus 

48th District Congressional Representative: Harley Rouda

34th District State Senator: Tom Umberg

72nd State Assembly: Josh Lowenthal

74th State Assembly: Cottie Petrie-Norris



Here is one source we used for judicial considerations:

This is a conservative website, so most of our judicial choices are the opposite of suggested judges.

Here’s another good article on the subject:

Carol A. Corrigan: vote NO

Leondra R. Kruger: vote YES

Cynthia Aaron: vote YES

William S. Dato: vote YES

Judith L. Haller: no consensus

Richard D. Huffman: vote NO

Patricia Guerrero: vote YES

Patricia D. Benke: no consensus

Joan Kathleen: vote YES

Richard T. Fields: vote YES

Art W. McKinster: no consensus

Douglas P. Miller: no consensus

Marsha G. Slough: vote YES

David A. Thompson: vote YES

Thomas M. Goethals: vote YES

Raymond J. Ikola: no consensus



Superindenent of Public Instruction: Tony K. Thurmond

Huntington Beach Union High School District: Martin Salgado, Diana Lee Carey,

Oceanview School District: Jack C. Souders

Huntington Beach City School District: Diana Marks

Westminister School District: Jeremy Khalaf, Virginia Torres

Coast Community College District #1: Jim Moreno



County of Orange: District Attorney: no consensus

County of Orange: Sherrif-Coroner: Duke Nguyen

Huntington Beach City Council: Kim Carr, Shayna Lathus, Dan Kalmick

City Attorney: No vote



#1 Bonds to fund housing assistance: YES

#2 Bonds to fund housing for individuals with mental illness: YES

#3 Bond to fund water projects: NO

#4 Bonds to fund children’s hospitals: YES

#5 Property Owners Transfer Requirements: NO

#6 Repeal the gas tax: NO

#7 Daylight Savings Time: no consensus

#8 Kindney Dialysis Regulation: YES

#9 (Proposition was removed from ballot)

#10 Rent Control Expansion: YES

#11 Ambulance Employees Requirements: NO

#12 Farm Animal Confinement Standards: YES

Feb. Meeting & Steering Update

We’re getting back to issues-advocacy for our big February meeting. Our Healthcare Action Team is bringing in Dr. Bill Honigan to discuss the Healthy California Act (SB-562) at a free public event titled “What’s the deal with Single-Payer?”

This will be the first event of our new “What’s the deal…” series, which will highlight different progressive issues through a local lens. Here are the meeting details:

“What’s the deal with Single-Payer” 

Saturday February 17, 2018 

Carden Conservatory Elementary School   

5702 Clark Dr. H.B. 92649 

10:00 a.m. – 12:00 p.m.

(Doors open at 9:30 a.m. come early to chat with our Action Teams)

This is a FREE event. No tickets required but Facebook RSVP’s are apprieciated. Click Here for the Facebook Event 

Here’s more info on our speaker:

Dr. Bill Honigman has been a practicing Emergency Room Physician in Orange County CA for over 30 years. He has been active in Democratic Party politics since his youth, and is currently an organizer for the grassroots group Progressive Democrats of America PDA, acting as California State Coordinator and Orange County Chapter Leader, and is a Coordinator for PDA’s national Healthcare Human Rights Issue Organizing Team.

Some Steering Team Highlights:

Official Minutes from the January Steering Team meeting are being finalized but Cathey has written up some some key take-aways: 1_23_2018 Steering Committee

-We will be participating in the Great America Write In event on March 24. Libby will be the lead and the Women’s Rights Team will provide support. Each action team will create writing statements that can be used.

-For March we plan to hold a Candidate Forum for the 72nd and 74th State Assembly Districts. All candidates will be invited to attend. We will use our candidate forum model that we established during the 48th Congressional Forums.

-April Huddle is being planned by the Environment Team.

-We are considering adding an Operations/Facilities Use Team.

-A resale license is also being considered. We voted to acquire a HB Huddle credit card to facilitate online purchases and for making deposits.

Steering Team Update July & August

Our Steering Team has been making steady process to further organize the HB Huddle. The Steering Team consists of representatives from each of our Action Teams as well as our Finance and Communications Team members.

Here are the minutes from our last three meetings: 

8.29.17 HB Huddle Steering Meeting Map

7.18.17 HB Huddle Steering Meeting Map-2

7.11.17 HB Huddle Steering Meeting Map

One of the biggest developments is that we have finalized a Vision Statement for the HB Huddle check it out!

To cultivate a vibrant community of informed voters who actively participate in the democratic process to make a positive difference in our community.


June Steering Meeting Minutes

The Steering Team meeting for July 20 has been temporarily postponed. A new date and place will be decided on at the big Huddle Meeting this Saturday June 17. Aubrey Roy will facilitate the meeting and we will be focusing on developing a Vision Statement for the Huddle.

Click here for the full minutes from our last Steering Team Meeting: 6.6.17 HB Huddle Steering Meeting Minutes 1.0

Here are the highlights:

The group decided that we will go dark in August in order to encourage all members to attend an important Townhall event at OCC on August 19. Since the meeting two other congressional candidates have declared in the 48th District, so our Sept. meeting will most likely be a 3rd candidate forum.

Since Claire’s commitment as Steering Facilitator is coming to a close. The group discussed possible replacements. Karen said that she might be able to start with the Sept. meeting and take on the next quarterly commitment. Aubrey and Cynthia said they could help facilitate in July and August if need be.

The group also developed a list of words to use as a jumping off point in developing our HB Huddle vision statement:

  • Hopeful
  • Community
  • Cultivate active communication
  • Change
  • Informed and educated voters
  • Action oriented
  • Sustained
  • Compassionate
  • Engaged concerned enlightened
  • Dialogue/discourse
  • Resist
  • Persist
  • Moving forward
  • Premier information distribution for unbiased candidate selection
  • Citizenry
  • Progress
  • Forefront of issues
  • Participatory
  • Creative
  • “Fun”
  • Bring viewpoints together
  • Results
  • Socially liberal
  • Impeccable reputation
  • Credible
  • Consistent
  • Dependable
  • Committed
  • Diverse
  • Openness
  • Respectful

Words for where we’d like to see ourselves 4 years in the future

  • Winning
  • Leaders
  • Closer
  • Partners
  • Key collaborators
  • Preeminent
  • Settled-in
  • Connected to our community
  • Fluid/organic
  • Glide path established



Stir & Steer Meeting Minutes 3/14/17

Attendees: Cathey, Karen, Bethany, Cynthia, Christian, Claire, Linda, Carol, Aubrey, Brendon, Janetta, Daniel, Judy, Sharman, Doris, Tammy,

6:30-7:00 Post Cards & Introductions

The group worked on postcard for the “Ides Of Trump” project. Then we went around the group, introduced ourselves and said what subgroup we were in and how many meetings we’d been to.

7:00-7:15 Roles

The group established three roles to help lead the Stir & Steer meetings in the future. We agreed that these roles should be in place for the next three months (second quarter) and then we’ll switch it up. Claire Manning will act as Facilitator, Janetta Scherff will act as recorder and Hannah Conklin will act as Communicator for the Stir & Steer Committee.

7:15-7:30 Norm Storm

We broke into teams of three and went over the Norm Storm list to decide on group norms to have in place for all future Stir & Steer meetings.

Some of the most important Norms that the group decided to uphold were:

1) Consensus decision-making will be used in Stir & Steer meetings
2) We will all make an effort to help the group stay on task and avoid rabbit holes
3) During discussions it’s safe to disagree (agree to disagree)
4) We will honor and value the diversity of the group
5) Group members will be responsible for completing assignments and achieving the groups outcome

7:30-8:10 Group Reports

#NoBanNoWall – Aubrey reported that there were a lot of new people in her subgroup so there was lots of recapping. They met with Oscar and Miguel, the organizers of the local group Oakview ComUNIDAD, and the they expressed interest in developing a local rapid response team to react to deportation threats that will help put citizens in touch with phone numbers and contacts to help them. They also talked about the importance of attending city council and planning commission meetings. The group would like to have some kind of visual presence at these meetings like wearing the same color t-shirt. The group also wants to focus on educating themselves and they’d like to create a fact sheet about immigration issues and the wall. There is a march at the boarder on March 25th that the subgroup is planning to attend and they plan to have another subgroup meeting before the next Huddle meeting.

ACLU Report – Karen briefly reported on the ACLU People Power training session that was held at Suzy’s house after our last meeting. The goal at the end of the meeting was to set up a meeting with local law enforcement over the next two weeks to go through a list of laws and establish HB as a “Freedom City.” Once they have a meeting and location in place they were instructed to post the event on the ACLU platform. Aubrey mentioned that Oak View has already worked closely with the police dept. and had a townhall a few weeks back in which the chief of police said that they were not going to allow ICE here unless they are investigating a federal crime.

Local Elections – Brendon reported that their group agreed to meet bi-monthly.

They established the following Purpose/Vision Statements:

-Inform, organize and mobilize Huddle members and the community to support candidates, initiatives and ideals

-Educate the public about the voting records of elected officials and the positions of candidates in meeting ideals

-Integrate with groups that support our purpose in order to maximize impact, influence and action toward achieving goals.

The group proposed group names but couldn’t decide on one. They will vote on a name and go through the Norm Storm exercise at their next meeting.

They established three subgroups to focus on actions in different areas and established a focus for each month:

Subgroup 1: Voter Registration & Engagment
April: Complete voter registration education
May: Coordinate with other groups

Subgroup 2: Outreach to democratic and progressive groups
April: Connect w/ HB Umbrella groups
May: Attend meetings of other groups

Subgroup 3: Community Education & promoting ideals
April: Research local rep
May: Meet with local rep in groups of 3-4 people

The group had already compiled public data on all local officials (from Federal to City to school districts) in a spreadsheet that indicates who is in office and when they are up for reelection. A comprehensive report on District 48 is also in the works. The group also printed out an email roster to handout to members at their next meeting.

Women’s Rights: Sharman said she felt a little out of place since she wasn’t expecting to facilitate her subgroup when she attended the last meeting. Several Stir & Steer members thanked her for stepping up and for coming to tonights meeting to cover for another subgroup member. She said that the group came up with the tagline: “Women’s Rights Moving Forward,” most of the people in the group said it was their first meeting. The groups first goal is to further educate themselves on the topic in order to determine what they’d like to see going forward. She has a contact at Plan Parenthood’ss outreach program that she’d like to get in touch with.

Environment: Karen said that the environmental group started by going around the group and asking “What’s interesting to you” to figure out where to focus. They decided on two upcoming events that they’d like to attend. The first is Earth Day at the Back Bay in Newport on 4/22 and the second is the local Peoples Climate March in Irvine on 4/29. They elected Mischa to act as the groups Recorder, Karen will act as Communicator for the group but their primary means of communication will be the Facebook Group titled HB Huddle Heros – Enviroment. Karen also asked whether anyone knew how to create subgroups under a larger Facebook group and Cynthia said she’d look into it.

ACA: Janetta reported that the group voted on roles, including back-up members to cover in case something happens. The Facilitator is Tonya Highwater, with Christain and Isa as back-up. The recorder is Janetta Scherff, with Joan as a back-up. The Communicator is Ibi Campbell with Karen as a back-up. To vote on a tagline they emailed out a survey and they established a Google group called HBHealthcare Huddle to enable the group to communicate through one email. Her group suggested the idea of each subgroup having their own page on the website and Stir & Steer members agreed that this was a great idea. In the subgroup there was some debate about what they should focus on, in addition to preserving the ACA or blocking new plans from congress several members are interested in creating awareness about SB-562, which proposes a single-payer healthcare plan in the state of California. Sunday Call: Cathey reported on the most recent call which went over Republican plans to push through the new Healthcare bill in the coming weeks. She suggested that each subgroup should assign one person to subscribe to the weekly call to keep informed about what’s happening on a National Level. The call also emphasized self-care and avoiding burnout, which we all need to be mindful off. Cynthia offered to include a link to the weekly call in the next Huddle-wide email.

8:10-8:50 April Meeting Plans

The group discussed whether or not to schedule an April meeting to allow the subgroups time to meet on their own. Several people were concerned with momentum and losing peoples interested if we didn’t have an April meeting. Beth brought up the idea of having a more casual, less formal meeting, where we wouldn’t have to have a sound system. Cathey liked the idea of having a “coffee and conversation” style meeting. Several members pointed out that in the future as the subgroups meet on their own, the breakout sessions will become less important and instead the large group meetings will be a way for the subgroups to report in on their efforts. Several people brought up ideas for different places to meet, including schools, churches, the Harbor Yacht Club and a local union hall. Cynthia said that we need to decide who will be in charge of the meeting so they can determine when and where to meet. The group discussed how busy the different weekends in April were with Easter and Spring Break, someone suggested attending one of two upcoming local Environmental events instead of having a meeting and the group agreed that this was the best way to go. The group also thought it would be good for Huddle members to wear the same color shirts at each event so we could identify each other. The group decided on the color blue. Event details will go out in the next weekly email.

In the meantime, the group agreed that the subgroup meetings should also be shared on the weekly emails so people can stay active in between the larger meetings. Claire thought it would be good for continuity to have the Stir & Steer Facilitator help oversee the larger meeting. The group agreed with her idea, as the elected Stir & Steer Facilitator it was established that Claire will lead the next big Huddle meeting in May. The meeting is tentatively scheduled for Saturday May 20, location TBD.

8:50-9:10 Treasurer Update

Bethany went to the Orange County Credit Union to look into opening an account and found out we have to file an fictitious business name in order to do so. Cynthia filled out the online form to create an FBN so we can open an account under the name HB Huddle. Beth reported that we collected $973.00 at our last meeting. Cathey made a motion to disperse $340 to Cynthia to reimburse library room rental from the last meeting (Beth reminded everyone that an anonymous donor had covered the cost of one hour of the rental fee). Carol seconded the motion and the group voted to disperse the funds. Cathey then made a motion for the group to disperse $113 to Beth to reimburse the cost of liability insurance required by the library and $124 to reimburse the cost of the HB Huddle wristbands that were made to market the HB Huddle during events. Aubrey seconded the motion and the group voted to disperse the funds. The remaining funds will go toward covering the cost of the next meeting room rental.

The group briefly discussed whether to ask the larger group for donations in the form of banners or other marketing materials and Cathey suggested that we table the conversation and place it on our next meetings agenda since we were running out of time. A few other areas that the group would like to discuss next time included promotional items, an elevator speech and fundraising efforts. Claire also suggested that the subgroups establish a consistent way of documenting their meetings and planning sessions, she passed out handouts for a “Meeting Map” for Stir & Steer members to review and discuss at the next meeting, which is tentatively scheduled for the week of April 10, date and time TBD.

Meeting adjourned around 9:10

Stir & Steer Minutes 2/20/17

Attendees: Cathy, Gerry, Carol, Sharon, Bethany., Sandy, Hannah, Karen, Joshua & Cynthia (10 total)

7:05-7:36  Introductions:

Group went around the room and introduced themselves, talked briefly about their experience organizing and concerns.

7:36-8:15 Purpose of the HB Huddle:

We discussed the larger goals as the entire Huddle group. According to our survey results everyone is interested in all the issues–so even if you are in the environment group you want to know what is going with all the others and to contribute to all–. Our Huddle will be a way for people to work closely on one issue while contributing to and supporting other subgroups along the way.

We talked about the subgroups working as the space where actions originate and then they will filter up to the larger organization through an organized communications strategy.

The role of the steering committee will be to create best practices and guidelines to make sure these groups can thrive and run effectively. We’ll do this by structuring the breakout sessions during our big meetings and providing questions and prompts to move the groups toward concrete objectives.

We also discussed larger “Huddle–wide’ goals for the entire group:

1-We want to be 100 of the most active and well-informed citizens of our local community

2-We want to vote our entire ballots in the midterm and know who and what we are voting for (no more guessing when it comes to judges and school board)

3-We want to have 6 HB Huddle meetings of 60 people or more in a six month period

The group read the place-holder “Mission Statement” written by Nikki and Cynthia, that is on the website and said it was fine for now.

8:15-8:30 Organizational Structure: How is this Huddle group going to work most effectively?

We discussed ideas for how to guide the subgroups at the next meeting. We’d like to encourage the subgroups to:

  • Designate 2-3 group leaders who will help coordinate communications between meetings. That way if one person gets busy or drops out the group is not lost.
  • Designate a recorder who will type up a brief report on the groups discussions/plans
  • One of the three leaders will need to able to attend the monthly steering committee meetings and give updates and get additional backing and support to make their objectives happen
  • Other questions the subgroups should be able to answer by the end of meeting #2: What’s your purpose? How will you communicate? How often? What is something your group can accomplish in the next week? The next month? What is something you’d like to tackle in the next 6 months?
  • When the subgroups report to the entire group at the end of the meeting, we’d like them structure their reports in the form of answering these questions.

8:30-9:00 Communications: How are we going to coordinate both internally & externally?

We talked about the need to have our main communications take place off Facebook as many in our group are not on Facebook and others feel easily overwhelmed by it. If subgroups decide to use Facebook to communicate then that’s their decision. Instead our Facebook page will be where the “bonus material” and additional things are posted but our main communications will be the weekly email (all website updates can also be shared on Facebook).

All Huddle info like meeting minutes, calendars, links to past emails will go onto the website. Subgroups can also send things to be posted to website. Steering committee communications team of Cynthia, Hannah and Carol will meet this Weds to work on this piece.

HB Huddle will send out a standard weekly email with upcoming actions/events on Friday. Deadline for subgroups to add items to the weekly email will be Wednesday night.

We also want to be sure to have a group of liaisons who are checking in with other Huddles and other local groups so we are not reinventing the wheel.

9:00-9:15 Next Meeting: What are the keys toward making our March 11th meeting a success?

 The group discussed the need to have a bank account and treasurers to handle money. For now the main money issue is raising funds to cover the cost of our big meetings. Cynthia is going to pay for the March meeting and do an Action Network fundraiser to be reimbursed but for our April meeting we will open a bank account.

The committee nominated Bethany and Gerry to be voted in as treasurers. Cathy made a motion to take a vote and the committee voted all in favor with no abstentions. Bethany Webb and Gerry De Vore will serve as treasurers for the HB Huddle and go to the bank to open an account as soon as we have funds. Bethany will use here home address for the account. All financials will also be posted on the website for complete transparency. We will operate under the name HB Huddle.

Karen is currently working on finding a cheaper location for our future meetings starting in April. Bethany recommended looking at the City Gym. The group also discussed meeting outside during the summer but had some concerns about needing a PA system because people had trouble hearing at the first meeting. The group also talked about having big meetings every other month down the line but decided on monthly meetings while we are getting started.

9:30-9:38 Next Steering Meeting

Our next Steering Committee Meeting will be held at Cathy’s house again. Cynthia will send out a Doodle poll to determine the best day and time. This meeting’s day/time will have to be set in place before our March 11 meeting so  subgroup leaders can be sure to attend. Our next steering committee meeting will also have a set end time!