The results are disappointing but not tragic. The 48th was created to favor Republicans. It was quite an accomplishment to gain the seat in 2018 and dismiss a do nothing Representative that had been contributing next to zero. Harley Rouda served us admirably from 2018 till now. He will be back, with our help. See his statement by clicking this link:https://harleyforcongress.com/media-center/results/


Dave Min wins seat on the California State Senate! Please see his statement by clicking the link: https://davemin.com/news/victory-announcement/

Regrettably it seems that Deidre Nguyen and Sergio Contreras might not be able to serve.


Joe BidenPresidenthttps://joebiden.com/
Kamala HarrisVice President
Harley RoudaUS Representaive 48thhttps://harleyforcongress.com/
Dave MinCA Senate 37https://davemin.com/
Cottie Pietrie-NorrisCA Assembly 74thhttps://votecottie.com/
Diedre NguyenCA Assembly 72https://diedrenguyen.com/
Dan KalmickHB City Councilhttps://dankalmick.com/
Natialie MoserHB City Councilhttps://www.nataliemoser4hb.com/
Oscar RodriguezHB City Councilhttps://www.oscarforhb.com/
Spencer HagamanHBUHSC School Boardhttps://www.spencerhagaman.com
Ian CollinsFountain Valley Districthttps://www.fvsd.us/apps/pages/index.jsp?uREC_ID=470082&type=u&pREC_ID=863290
Steve SchultzFountain Valley Districthttps://elevateluv.com
Karl SeckelMuni Water District  Div 4https://karlforwater.com/
Michael ElliotOC Water District Div 6https://oc-water.com/wd/Special-Districts
Sergio ContrerasOC Supervisor Area 1https://www.sergiocontrerasforsupervisor.com/
Katrina FoleyMayor Costa Mesahttps://www.katrinafoley.com/
John StephensCosta Mesa City Councilhttps://www.stephensforcostamesa.com/
Jeff HarlanCosta Mesa City Council Dist 6https://harlanforcostamesa.com/
Glenn GrandisFountain Valley City Councilhttps://www.grandisforfv.com/
Mai-Khan Tran, MDFountain Valley City Councilhttps://www.votedrtran.com/
Loren GamerosCosta Mesa City Council 2https://gamerosforcitycouncil.com/
David JohnsonWestminster School Dist 1https://www.vote-david.com/