The HB Huddle Environment Team

The HB Huddle Environment Team is a group of concerned citizens that meet to educate themselves and others about environmental issues facing the city of Huntington Beach and beyond. The group communicates with government and corporate officials to ask them to address a number of issues and participates in and plans a variety of community activities. Activities include climate change protests, tree plantings, beach clean ups, community meetings, educational events, etc. The following is a partial list of issue the group discusses and takes action on when appropriate and possible.

Climate Change Community Choice CCE Food composting Poseidon desalination Ban toxic materials in parks Planting trees and native gardens No offshore drilling Eliminating single-use plastics Coastal erosion prevention Mass transportation Incentive to buy or lease Electric cars Electric city vehicles Safe LED street lights Protected bike lanes Rain barrels San Onofre Nuclear Waste Green building practices New developments Simplifying solar permits and inspection process

Join us at the HB Pier on Friday September 20 from 3:30 to 5:30 for the Global Climate Strike Rally. See https://globalclimatestrike.net/ for information on this world wide event the young lady who inspired the movement.

HB Huddle E-Team Takes Action on Single-Use Plastics

The team has drafted a letter to take to local restaurants that are using single-use plastic to-go containers. Can you help them with this project? Here’s how it works:

1) Use this link to access the letter and print a copy
(there is a preview in the image below).

2) Introduce yourself to the manager and give them the letter,
which explains dangers and alternatives to plastic.

3) Enter your interaction on this handy google doc
so we can track progress.

4) Follow-up and see if they made the switch

If you have any questions please email

Click here to read the full letter

Your diet affects the planet! Click the link below for a list of local Vegan restaurants:

Microsoft Word – vegan restaurants near HB.docx

Upcoming Meetings

Stay up to date with this Action Team by joining their Facebook group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/958471977587726/

Additional Inquires: please contact environment@hbhuddle.com.



Team link: https://ohm.co/a4de2ac

Details on OhmConnect for the Huddle are available here: OhmConnect Instructions.docx