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No meeting in July 2021


The election is set for September 14. Click here to donate


If you would like to volunteer to write and mail postcards against the recall please click on the following link:


As you know (and see below) we are short a council member in HB. There are currently 189 applicants. For a list go to At the meeting several local leaders recommended Oscar Rodriguez who the Huddle supported in 2020. Oscar is a strong community advocate not just for the Hispanic community but for all of Huntington Beach. Look here for his LinkdIn profile.After Tito Oritiz’ resignation, the Council elected member Barbara Delgleize as Mayor Pro Tem. The council has determined a process to select a replacement for the Ortiz seat on the council. The new member will be selected via an application process. All the information is posted on the HB City website. HB citizens have applied (deadline was June 18). Interviews will be in late June or July. Final selection will be in July. Click here for a list of applicants. If you want to bring a candidate to the council’s attention please email them at the addresses below:

Oscar Rodriguez has filed the application to run for City Council. HBHuddle endorsed Oscar in 2020. We will post links with further information soon. Contact present HB City Council members (listed above) to recommend Oscar. Remember to donate to Oak View Comunidad. See post below.

Sign up to write postcards against Govenor Newsom’s Recall.

If you sign up the postcards will come in packages of 33 and target under-represented communities. You will get addresses, a script, and be responsible for the postage. You can pick up in Newport Shores or Dover Shores, or they I can be droppped off at your home. After you sign up, you will get a text or phone call next week asking how you would like to get them. We had an incredible turn out for the last election. Let’s keep folks engaged and make sure they vote in midterms!

you sign up here, you will be working on sets of 33 postcards.




Volunteer opportunity: Field Team6 that registered thousands of Democrats is focusing on OC48. Sign up to register new voters or help non-Dems find the right path!

Live link:

Focused on the criminal justice system and featuring Pete Hardin the Democrat running for OC District attorney. And BiG announcement on a Democrat running for Sheriff! Link will follow


Keep up with local city news by going to the Huntington Beach City Manager’s newsletter at and clicking on the PDF file.

Our OC District 2 Supervisor, Katrina Foley, has a newsletter which you can find at

Our May meeting was dedicated to a deeper understanding of hate and racism in HB’s past and present. Go to for information on Historic Wintersburg and our Japanese community.
Last week the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services began operations for their humanitarian shelter, located at the Long Beach Convention Center, for unaccompanied children arriving from the border of Mexico. Long Beach has welcomed its first group of children. Our shelter will mostly welcome young girls, some who also have siblings.
The mission of this humanitarian shelter is quick family reunification. We must treat every single child with compassion, kindness, and love.

If you would like to help, there are several ways you can show your love for these kids:
One of the first things you can do is donate a book. Go to We need books in English and Spanish.
Organizations and any individual interested in volunteering can also learn more about the temporary shelter and fill out a volunteer interest form.
For anyone interested in making a monetary donation, the Long Beach Community Foundation has created the Migrant Children Support Fund. Donations made to the fund will be awarded to grants to organizations that will provide educational and play items for the children during their stay in Long Beach, and gift cards to assist the children as they are reunited with their families. Uses of these charitable funds will be updated as the needs arise during the children’s stay in Long Beach.


Thank you to all of you who participated in phoning, texting, post card writing and lit drops this last campaign season. We helped elect Katrina Foley to the OC Board of Supervisors. First Democratic woman ever!

Our next volunteer actions are listed below.


Books: Donations: Genera Volunteers:


HB CITY COUNCIL, on April 5, reaffirmed the city’s dedication to non-violence and against giving voice to white supremacists. It adopted Resolution 21-289 that “denounces all hate crimes and reaffirms its commitment to safety and inclusivity for all.” It also adopted 21-292 that “denounces any movements promoting White Supremacy within its community.” Councilmembers Kalmick, Moser and Mayor Carr were instrumental in the adoption of these resolutions.

ORANGE COUNTY LEGISLATORS CONDEMN KKK Activity in Huntington Beach –April 9

Senators Dave Min, Tom Umberg and Assemblywoman Cottie Petrie-Norris speak out ahead of KKK-promoted “White Lives Matter” march this weekend

ORANGE COUNTY, CA — Three key California State Legislators representing Huntington Beach spoke out today to condemn a Ku Klux Klan-promoted “White Lives Matter” rally this weekend in Huntington Beach, as well as reports of KKK flyers distributed in Newport Beach and Huntington Beach in recent weeks. Senators Dave Min (D-Irvine) and Tom Umberg (D-Orange County) and Assemblywoman Cottie Petrie-Norris (D-Newport Beach) released the following statement:

“We unequivocally condemn white nationalism and the racist ideology promoted by the Ku Klux Klan. While we acknowledge the rights of all Americans — even the vilest racists out there — to express their opinions, we want to loudly and clearly state that the views expressed by the KKK and other white nationalist groups do not reflect the views of Orange County’s residents or elected officials.

“Our rich diversity makes Orange County and Huntington Beach stronger and better. We join the Huntington Beach City Council in condemning white supremacy and applaud it for planning a series of pro-diversity events to counter the disgusting message being promoted by the KKK and other organizers of the White Lives Matter rally this weekend.”


Below are results of the election for the HB area


The results are disappointing but not tragic. The 48th was created to favor Republicans. It was quite an accomplishment to gain the seat in 2018 and dismiss a do nothing Representative that had been contributing next to zero. Harley Rouda served us admirably from 2018 till now. He will be back, with our help. See his statement by clicking this link:


Dave Min wins seat on the California State Senate! Please see his statement by clicking the link:

Regrettably it seems that Deidre Nguyen and Sergio Contreras might not be able to serve.