CADEM–the coordinated campaign from the Democratic party is gearing up with multiple opportunities.  Go to for local information and volunteer opportunities.

Go to for volunteer opportunities in support of multiple causes such as census or out-of-area races. 

Go to to sign up and volunteer to write postcards for out-of-state elections.  

Go to Swing Left and Vote Forward to sign up for activities to help Democrats in other states.  Write letters or postcards for your favorite out of state candidates.

Check out P2TV the Protect the Vote Campaign to learn about the program. They feature a Promote and Protect Voter Hotline if you have questions about your vote or encounter perceived irregularities. The number (877) 321-8683.   They are also looking for volunteers.  If you are an attorney or law students go to CDP P2TV Volunteer Attorney Signup Form; activists please go to CDP P2TV Volunteer Operator (Non-Attorney) Signup Form. 


CADEM Headquarters in HB

Exciting news: the California Democractic Party has established its latest regional headquarters in Huntington Beach at 18700 Main Street Suite 209. The red brick building is right across from the 5 Points Shopping Center (where you will find a permanent ballot box). The office will serve as headquarters for a coordinated campaign for various candidates running in Orange County. Candidates will be sending materials such as flyers and signs to this central office for efficiency and convenience.

For more information call or email Catt Phan, Director of our HB headquarters, at (714) 244-7679 or