Local Elections

MEETINGS:  Held one a month on Thursdays at 6:30 at Summerlane ClubHouse.

Please see link to volunteer to register to vote:


The link takes you to a list of local sites where you can sign up to  volunteer for a few hours, along with other trained persons.  The list changes monthly.  Take this opportunity to become involved!  You might also want to check out the OC Registrar of Voters web site for information on elections, changing your address and such.


  1. Inform, organize, and mobilize Huddle members and the community to support progressive candidates, initiatives and ideals.
  2. Educate the public about the voting records of elected officials and the positions of candidates in meeting progressive ideals.
  3. Integrate with groups that support our purpose in order to maximize impact, influence, and action toward achieving progressive goals.


Please feel free to distribute and share the following resources as you see fit.

HARLEY ROUDA won the election in November.  You can check his website or follow Harley on Facebook , Twitter, YouTube.

An educational brief that presents the elected offices of interest to residents of Huntington Beach complete with pictures of all elected officials, their party affiliations, and other statistics and facts relevant to the offices.

OFFICE HOLDERS – pdf   (2016 document )

A comprehensive guide to all elected offices in Orange County presented as a spreadsheet. Page 1 is shown below; click above for remaining pages.


County government affects our daily lives in multiple ways: the courts, education, voter registration and such.  This is an important review of an almost “hidden” jurisdiction.  HB Huddle area is represented by Districts 1 and 2. 



This thought provoking presentation invites you to learn how the “other side” thinks.  You have to have a sense of people’s patterns of developing values in order to have a chance at change.

US CONSTITUTION  — a great read.  Good to review from time to time.

.  Constitution