November Meeting Minutes: 

HB HUDDLE NoBanNoWall Action Team Meeting Nov 2017



September Meeting Minutes: 9.10.17. Notes from the NoBanNoWall Meeting


Updates from the members activities since the last meeting included the City Council Meeting (Shayna) and the OakView Library English Tutoring (Ned and Alice Marie). Voter registration and Sip and Talk from last month.

Main Discussion on what to do to reach out to our Latino/Hispanic Oak View neighborhood in response to the news of DACA being rescinded in 6 months to get the info they may need and not be aware of and to see if we can make more connections so we can find out what they need that we may be able to provide. We are brain storming a potluck picnic type of event on October 14 – if we can get space in either the gymnasium near the library (Ned is checking on this space availability and will report back) or one of the parks in the area. Penny and Ruben were going to check with the Principal to see if they would be willing to help us spread the word to the community.

We would like to include the HB Huddle group as a whole in the event so these other action teams may be able to get info to these residents on healthcare and women’s issues, environment etc in a welcoming environment with food etc. Several of us that have gone through the voter registration training will have our forms etc. just in case anyone would like to be registered that day.


Full minutes from our August Meeting: HB Huddle NoBanNoWall Action Team Meeting August 5, 2017 


  • Literacy at Oak View Library-Both Ned and Alice are volunteering as English tutors at the Oak View Library-they have completed training and have met with their tutees. Ned mentioned too that he will be volunteering in the Civics Class to help to prepare new immigrants who are going to be taking the US Citizenship test.
  • Alice was also active with representing The Democratic Club of West OC at the Central Committee Meeting for the Democratic Clubs of OC and was able to let that group know of the activities of the HB Huddle so that further collaboration could be pursued with HB Huddle’s members from our Local Elections Team attending one of these council meetings in the future. She updated us on some of the tools she learned about at the meeting such as an app called MiniVAN used to canvas potential new supporters and she was going to look into that further and get back to us with more info see link below:. https://m.elizabethwarren.com/pdfs/MiniVANCanvassingInstructionsiOS.pdf
  • Several of us are attending the August 22nd Training for Voter Registration being held from 6-8pm at the Summerlane Clubhouse 4245 Foxglove Drive, HB.
  • Shayna encouraged anyone who could attend Monday’s August 7, 2017 City Council Meeting to attend and speak if possible to support CCA as there will be opposition speakers present.


Full minutes from our July meeting: 7.15.17 HB NoBanNoWall Notes

For a better view of our new info-graphic please download the PDF by clicking here: Hate crime infographic

Hate crime infographic-page-001

Full meeting minutes:  HB Huddle NoBanNoWall Action Team Meeting July 1, 2017

Here are some highlights:

Next Infographic Idea: We started our discussion on what we should do for our next Infographic and decided an Infographic outlining 2 or 3 of our Action Team’s Priorities (we finally decided 2 as they encompass quite a bit) we want to work on to fight the anti-immigrant rhetoric and action taken by the Trump administration along with Action Items would make an excellent Infographic. So the discussion moved to what are our main priorities for the NoBanNoWall should be and we came up with two along with the following action items to work on:

Priority One-Building bridges between the immigrant communities and ourselves which would serve to unite us and make us stronger together to be able to fight these injustices more effectively and help to make Huntington Beach a better place for all of us to live.

  1. Action Item: Continue and expand some of the things some of us have already been doing by getting more of us to train for the Oak View Library training for ESL Tutoring. This fosters relationship building and trust building between communities. This is a win-win situation for both parties as we all learn from each other with these chances to interact where we might never have the opportunity in our regular day to day lives to meet those from different cultures. Not everyone can do the training due to time commitments but we encourage anyone who can to do that training.
  2. Action Item: Attend the Ocean View School Board Meetings as soon as they start up back again in the fall –we need to support this community’s children, parents, teachers and admin from the racist actions that have been inflicted upon it by Raymond Herrara and his supporters. This is a community within HB that is being attacked by an alt-right group using intimidating and bullying behaviors. Just being there to show support is helpful. Also anyone who can attend the City Council meeting to do that as well.
  3. Action Item: Getting in touch with Victor Valladares of ComUNIDAD or his associates to see what else we could be doing for that community to build more of a partnership within the Latino Community in HB.

Priority Two-Working toward making HB a Sanctuary City-we realized we weren’t sure of exactly where the SB54 issue is currently at in the process so we need to educate ourselves on some of the legal and political issues- Along with that we needed to know more about the issue on the Supreme Court allowing a partial travel ban to go into effect leaves us all in kind of a wait and see mode as to how all of this will be enforced. We discussed how to deal with this since there’s so much uncertainty on this issue and decided we needed to be prepared for various different scenarios that may play out in the near future.

Greg suggested having Sam Jammal, an Immigration Attorney, who he heard speak recently at another progressive group meeting, speak to our group and he offered to get in touch with him. Jammal may be able to clarify what the Supreme Court is doing along with some of the legal issues facing becoming a sanctuary city as the info on that is sometimes conflicting and confusing.  He may be able to help us understand what the Supreme Court is doing with the travel ban as well. Shayna thought if we could get Sam to meet with us after the large group HB Huddle meeting in July that would give us a chance to see what advice he could give us on moving forward on this priority.

  1. Action Item: See about getting Sam Jammal to talk with us either at the next meeting or soon after so we can get some clarity on what’s involved in Sanctuary City classification.
  2. Action Item: Calling our representatives to support and push for the SB54 measure for California as this continues to move through the process. We talked about adding that to our group’s NoBanNoWall Facebook page or website?
  3. Action Item: Expand our group’s training in the Voter Registration Program-that will be vital to not only assisting with these initiative like SB54 but also in getting these districts to flip for the next elections. So those of us who haven’t signed up for the training will see about getting signed up for the upcoming trainings.


What is DACA? Our Group Has Developed an info-graphic to educate people about DACA click here for the PDF:   daca infographic

daca infographic-page-001

HB Huddle #NoBanNoWall Meeting May 20, 2017
  • Attendees: Shayna, Steve, Judy Wilke, Laurie Dozal, Penny Helenihi, Ruben Lopez, Daniel Haus, Pat Roberts, Ned Lazaro, Brent Marshall & Erin Marie, Alice Marie-since not everyone knew each other we each introduced ourselves and explained what compelled us to join the HB Huddle. 
  • The group discussed the various marches, rallies and events we had attended recently Brent and Erin Marie have been attending the Tuesday protests at Dana Rohrbacher’s office, several of us attended the Oceanview School District Meeting to show our support for the school district and school board against the Anti-Immigration group led by Raymond Herrara and his followers that have targeted that district.
  • Shayna let everyone know to check out our HB NoBanNoWall website and join our Facebook page if they are on Facebook as we had some new people to the group.
Discussion of HB Huddle Assignment for Each Action Team
We were asked by the larger HB Huddle Group for each subgroup to propose  2 questions
to submit for the Upcoming Candidate Forum that the Stir and Steer Committee is planning to hold in the near future for those candidates running against Dana Rohrbacher.  They would like those questions by the next Stir and Steer Meeting Tuesday, May 23rd. We decided that our questions should reflect our action team’s mission so should be immigration related.
    • The group talked about how one question should be related to the funding of the border wall and so could be just simply asking the candidate how he or she would vote on any attempt by President Trump to appropriate funding to build a wall that may put before congress during their term.
    • The group discussed another question that would try to get at what the candidate’s position is on how they would try to serve and be a representative that serves ALL of the people within the district including those who may be undocumented. Since we didn’t get the wording down on this question Shayna asked the group to think about this one and any others they might want to submit and send to those attending the Stir and Steer Meeting on Tuesday (Pat Roberts & Aubry). 
Next Month’s Infographic Reminder
    • Shayna reminded everyone about the next infographic info and our assignment that we should be looking out for and submitting to Aubry on the signs and signals of White Supremacist and Alt Right Groups so we can recognize these groups and signals when we come upon them.
Setting up a subgroup meeting for June
  • Since this was a short meeting the group decided to meet in June outside of the next HB Huddle meeting of June 17th and dates and venues were discussed-Sunday June 11th was the date most could attend so that was chosen as the tentative date at 10am. Several group members stated they could hold a meeting at their house (Shayna, Pat Roberts and Alice Marie) so Shayna said an email would go out to request RSVP’s to confirm.
  • Wrap up 


HB Huddle #NoBanNoWall Meeting Agenda May 6, 2017


  • Introduce self and say something positive you’ve seen come out of the first 100 days

Attendees: Aubrey, Ned, Pat Sterling, Pat Roberts, Steve, Shayna

Update from Stir & Steer

  • Have been working on organizational structure – Stir and Steer, 5 Action Teams (run independently, with support from Stir and Steer), working on support structures – communications, finance, legal.
  • Communications group is meeting this week. Want to identify communication needs – internal and external
  • Are also working on branding/logo
  • Next Stir and Steer meeting will focus on mission statement/vision/goals/metrics for achieving goals

Recap of past month’s activities

  • May Day March/Rally
    • Pat Sterling attended, about 200 people, great speakers on variety of topics, police on horseback there
    • Only antagonism, man yelling seemed to wanting disrupt
  • ACLU meeting with HB Chief of Police
    • Aubrey will check in with Cynthia to see if she heard anything about how it went
  • Environment marches
    • From Alice Marie: “I looked at the agenda and there was a climate march on the 29th and a science march on the 22nd both of which I attended. I was at Climate march in Wilmington and Jane Fonda asked to speak and did very eloquently and fervently as did Kevin De Leon and RFK Jr. We marched to the Tesoro Refinery. Science March in LA was a Pershing Square event and also great. I know that has nothing to do with immigration except that a great number of Hispanics took part in the climate one as the pipelines are affecting their environment. Also the indigenous people were especially represented.”
    • Brings up importance that all of these issues are important and affect our immigrant communities
  • Never Again Panel Discussion (Ned)
    • Event posted in LA times
    • Ned’s email summary: “On April 20 I attended a panel discussion entitled “Never Again” sponsored by Asian Americans Advancing Justice (Orange County) in conjunction with the Japanese American Bar Association and the Council on American-Islamic Relations. The session focused on the need for Americans to work aggressively to prevent the recurrence of the Japanese American experience during and after World War II with special attention drawn to the plight of American Muslims in the United States today. The discussion began with a recounting of the horrific personal experiences of two Japanese Americans who found their lives destroyed forever by Executive Order 9066. These citizens of the United States were in 1942 deemed “enemy aliens” and transported to internment camps where they were forced to live surrounded by barbed wire fences and armed guards.
    • The discussion then turned to the parallels between World War II war hysteria and the fears of terrorist attacks in the post 9/11 era. The panelists identified three essential elements relevant to the past and present periods: first, strong negative attitudes about a particular category of people; second, a fear among many Americans of impending doom at the hands of that group; and third, failed political leadership at a critical point in history that allowed for presidential denial of the constitutional guarantees of “equal protection” and “due process of law.” They stressed that a present-day repeat of past horrors is not outside the realm of possibility.
    • The participants offered at least three approaches to confronting the present threat. The first is the need for awareness; we as a citizenry must remain vigilant regarding government actions and know that there are legal remedies to unconstitutional behavior. Second, we must use the legal system aggressively in defense of constitutional rights. Finally, we must be proactive. We must push local, state, and federal lawmakers to enact protections against public assaults on minorities in America. We need to contact city councilpersons, county supervisors, and congressional representatives to make our voices heard. And we have to continue using protests, marches, and demonstrations to pursue our goals, inform the public, and pressure policy makers. In sum, we must demand a seat at the table of policy making and stay focused on our desired outcomes.”
      • Similarities between 1040s and now. Treatment of minorities, feelings of doom, denials of constitutional rights
      • Discussion about how to counteract – awareness, vigilance, knowing climate of country
      • Rely on the legal system – protecting civil rights
      • Our own involvement – “never again”, have a seat at the table
    • Other events
      • Shayna/Steve discussed Science and Tax Marches
      • Ned went to Tax March in LB – lots of responses from cars
      • Pat Roberts Science March in LA
      • Purpose of march is to reach more people

Leadership roles

  • Facilitator next Huddle meeting (Shayna volunteered)
  • Facilitator #NoBanNoWall meetings during summer (will just have meetings during the summer after large Huddle meeting)
  • Notetaker to send notes to Aubrey to send out to mailing list (Judy volunteered)
  • Second person to attend Stir & Steer meetings (Pat Roberts)
  • Would like more people to volunteer so we have backups, more support

Ocean View School District Meeting Tuesday 5:30pm

  • Possible poster ideas:
    • Pollution is not healthy for kids
    • Let our kids stop and smell the roses
    • Clean air is a basic human right
    • “But think about the children” (Simpsons character)
  • Aubrey will create event today 

DACA Infographic

  • Missing information to add
    • Print out 50 copies and a poster
    • Benefits, recipients, costs, swap information to right side
  • Topic for next month
    • Rise of fascism in Europe & US – reddish orange color
      • Parallels
      • These are happening and globally (few statements) and locally
      • Have positive steps – list of resources
      • Ask about signs of white supremacy

Mission/vision/goals for our group

  • What do we plan to accomplish by next year

Film – Beatriz at the Table – organize June 7 – Shayna will keep a look out for film screenings

Create Facebook group – will supplement emails, helpful to create events and share updates between weekly emails


HB Huddle #NoBanNoWall Meeting Minutes  –  4.1.17
  • Introductions
    • How long have you lived in 48th District, HB
    • Attendees: Aubrey, Alice Marie, Judy, Cheryl, Shayna, Steve, Lexi
  • Updates from March Stir&Steer meeting
    • April meeting – Environment groups – wear blue
    • Next meeting will focus on accounts, elevator pitch
    • Would like subcommittee meetings to be open to everyone
    • Established roles/norms – rotating facilitator, communicator, and recorder
      • Would also like someone from each group to sign up for Moveon.org Sunday calls
        • Judy, Alice Marie both signed up. When they attend will email notes
      • Roles
        • Need more people to volunteer to be facilitator, communicator, and recorder. If there are any volunteers, please let me know
        • Aubrey will have to take a step back starting in the summer. Shayna and Lexi said they could help out then.
      • Updates from volunteer opportunities/events
        • Oak View Library Literacy Program – training in the summer, Alice Marie will send out date, go there to sign up
        • Sahtein With Love
          • Interfaith Alliance Group
            • Cheryl will follow up about trying to set up an event
            • Will have other events for refugees
            • May 1 – Santa Ana Mass Meeting 3pm for Black Lives Matter, denounce atrocities of police
          • Oak View Communidad
          • Friends of OC Detainees has a volunteer orientation April 3, 2017 – recommended by Cate in the Huddle
          • Know Your Rights Cards
            • Cheryl, Shayna and Steve chipped in money to buy more
            • Aubrey will order 1000 more to distrubte
          • Democracy for America OC meeting – one of their guest speakers dfaoc.com?
            • April 5 Karl Strauss
              • Judy is going to this
            • Resistbot/countable good apps to use
            • Neo-nazi groups at MAGA rally – look for images
            • Students for equality education at CSULB– largely led by students of color
            • Alice Marie will send Jeff Merkley speech on Trump’s path to authoritarianism
            • Newport Women’s Democratic Club – police from different cities. Only handing people over to ICE if criminal record
              • DUIs, tried to say associated with DUI
              • Look at SB54 – possibly could be something to advocate for
            • Town Hall re: Immigration in Santa Ana (Shayna)
              • Lots of resources
              • Cheryl will scan so we can distribute
              • DIRe Act: HR858 – protect the DREAMers – ask people to support the bill – this could be we post for action hour https://www.govtrack.us/congress/bills/115/hr858
              • Shayna and Cheryl have cards for immigration/refugee lawyers to be possible guest speakers at HB Huddle meeting
            • Updates on April/May action items
              • Immigration data
                • Lexi brought up idea of documentary -“Documented” – 90 minute documentary about DREAMers –
                  • We’ll host an event showing documentary
                  • April 27 – Cheryl’s house, bring your own snacks
                  • Can buy on Amazon Prime
                  • Possibly to continue watching other documentaries
                • Decided every month we’ll make a new infographic
                • April knowledge month – will be on DREAMers. Submit facts about DREAMers
                • Aubrey volunteered to make infographic
                • Next meeting will plan out the whole year
                • Other possible topics:
                  • Immigration
                  • Rise of fascism in Europe
                  • Refugee
                  • Border city crime rates
                  • Customs of other cultures
                • City Council Meetings
                  • Ned attended: Notes on email: I did attend the last HB City Council meeting. The most significant aspect of the session was under “public comments”. Two women talked about the harmful environmental impact of the desalination plant planned for HB.    I had been unaware of the issue and thought it might be a good target of HB Huddle action, esp. for the environmental and community action subgroups. I also noticed that notes about the lobbying trip to Sacramento of Oak View ComUNIDAD made reference to the negative aspects of the desalination plan.Other than that, it was a pretty routine presentation of community awards and “where I went last month representing The City” statements by the council members.
                  • Next meeting: April 3 6pm
                • Action plans for April, May, June
                  • Immigration march in Santa Ana May 1?
                  • Anything we want to publicize to whole HB Huddle group?
                    • They’re creating subgroup pages. What would we like to add to it?
                    • Decided to let know to call senators and representatives about HR858 and film documentary event